Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.2.0 “The Rise of Rhaskos”

Bedrock Beta v0.2.0 “The Rise of Rhaskos”


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Mini-campaign Added

We’ve added two levels that we’ll be featuring at Eurogamer – but you’ll also be able to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home if you’re unable to attend. If your hands are free give a round of applause to our wonderful programmers (and everyone else – but especially them). Many sleepless nights and a whole lot of unbillable overtime went into making these levels phenomenal.

New Map: Lord O’Theland (Tutorial)

The Tutorial is a guided tour of War for the Overworld where you will learn the basics of gameplay, room management, and spellcasting.

  • Narrated
  • Teaches the mechanics & uses of the : Lair; Treasury; Slaughterpen; Archive; Foundry; Gateway; Dungeon Core; Rally spell
  • Use the Rally spell to take out Lord O’theland

New Map: Rhaskos

Face off against the fiendish Underlord Rhaskos in this battle of wits. Will you venture through the front entrance of his dungeon or find a more insidious way to destroy his Dungeon Core?

  • Enjoy full control over the Veins of Evil
  • Control Perception Shrines to gain vision of the moat that separates your two dungeons
  • Explore the depths carefully… there is a terrifying enemy lurking nearby


Traps & Defenses

Defend yourself against invasion by placing traps around your dungeon. Parts will be produced in the Foundry when you send your Chunders to work.

  • It currently takes 5 parts for each defense or trap to be built

Wooden Door

A wooden contraption placed in a hallway that can open and close.

  • Enemies will be unable to walk past the Wooden Door
  • Your minions will always (currently) walk freely through this door
  • It has 1100 hit points


A wooden contraption that will prevent creatures from pathing across the tile it is built upon.

  • Enemies are unable to move over a Barricade (they will attack if there is no alternate path)
  • Friendly minions are unable to path over a Barricade
  • It has 1500 hit points


A contraption made out of wood and rope, this machine will fire albino sausages upon enemies who stray too close to it.

  • Will fire upon any enemy who ventures within 3 tiles
  • Unlimited ammo
  • Has 650 hit points


Other Updates

The Veins of Evil

We’ve added the Veins of Evil to to WFTO!

  • On Sandbox levels you will begin with the spells Possession and Rally and 3 unspent Sins
  • You will naturally accrue Sins over time
  • Cultists will work in the Archive, increasing the rate at which you earn Sins


You can now enjoy the sultry voice of Richard Ridings as he narrates your every move and keeps you apprised of goings-on within your dungeon.

  • Unit introductions added
  • Warnings & Alerts added
  • Narration added to Tutorial
  • Narration added to Rhaskos
  • Ambient lines added

Dungeon Themes

We’ve added two new Dungeon Themes to the game and have updated the sandbox maps to have the updated “Green Theme”

  • Green Theme Added
  • Hero Theme Added (observable in the Tutorial level)
  • Blood Theme is now only observable in the Rhaskos mini-campaign level

Perception Shrine

The Perception Shrine has been added and can be claimed in the Rhaskos level of the mini-campaign.

  • Uncovers the Fog of War in a 10-tile radius

Revamped UI

A more polished UI has been added to correspond with the various features and assets that have been added in this patch.

  • We could go over every detail, but… you can load up the game and see for yourself!

Misc Changes & Features

  • Polish has been applied to a variety of assets and fx
  • Some memory-leak issues have been resolved


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