Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.2 “Fog of War”

Patch Notes:

Bedrock Beta v0.1.2 “Fog of War”

This update is going to be relatively light on changes and fixes as we are spending a lot of our time preparing for future, larger updates. We know it’s been slow thus far, but new features and content will start being added significantly faster in the coming weeks and months.

Misc Changes

  • All debug keys are now disabled unless debug mode is toggled on with F4
  • Zoom speed increased and made smoother
  • Maximum zoom distance increased
  • Gold tiles can now be re-enforced

New Spell: Rally

The Rally spell will allow some basic unit control, allowing you to actually order groups of units into combat instead of waiting for them to wander over themselves

  • Casting Rally will place a flag which all non-worker units will move towards
  • Slapping (right click) a Rally flag will remove it
  • Placing a new Rally flag will remove the previous flag
  • Later on, we will have unit groups and multiple rally flags, and there is a (very temperamental) preview of this in the current build:
    • Enter debug mode (press F4)
    • Press F10 to spawn a flag for group 1
    • Press F11 to spawn a flag for group 2
    • Press F8 to add the selected unit to group 1
    • Press F9 to add the selected unit to group 2
    • Units should move towards their corresponding flag

New Fog of War System

The new Fog of War system has been added, which will generally improve the visibility of everything you need to actually see, as well as making it easier for you to plan out your Dungeon

  • Claimed tiles now grant a consistent vision radius
  • Tagged blocks are now properly highlighted through the fog of war
  • The contents of tagged blocks are not revealed until you can actually see them
  • A new Culling system will improve performance by not rendering anything the camera cannot actually see

Bug fixes

  • Dying whilst possessed should no longer trap your soul in the mortal realm
  • Slapping units to death should no longer cause them to become a statue for the rest of time
  • Various crash fixes
  • Various minor performance fixes


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