Patch 2.0.2 Release Notes

War for the Overworld

v2.0.2: “Sufficiently Surveyed Surfaces”

Release Notes

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

It’s been only a week week since the release of the surprisingly massive 2.0.1 patch and the work has continued unabated. As always we’ve been taking feedback direct from you and have a few smaller adjustments to make alongside a handful of fixes to the issues you’ve helped us identify in the latest release. Patch 2.0.2 is the result of this weeks work and should help stabilise the game further in the wake of our last two massive releases.

Beyond the release of this patch we don’t have much news to share other than the fact that there’s still a few issues we’re still interested in tidying up and of course we’re always happy to receive feedback or reports straight from you so please keep all your feedback coming via the forums and of course report any issues to us via User Echo!

Also if you missed our previous post, you may want to give that a read as it outlines some of the future plans for War for the Overworld. Fear not, even as we begin to shift our team across to working full-time on Project: Aftercare we plan to continue providing some support for WFTO in the coming months.

Now without further a do, read on for the Release Notes!

  1. Gameplay / Balance changes
    1. Units
    2. Spells
  2. Underlord AI Changes
  3. Level / Campaign Changes
  4. Visual Improvements
  5. Localisation & UI
  6. Micellaneous Improvements
  7. Bug Fixes


Gameplay / Balance Changes



  • Now slightly less likely to use the Foundry and slightly more likely to use the Garrison
  • Now slightly less likely to use the Foundry and slightly more likely to use the Garrison
  • Updated needs to match the Cutlist
Spirit Worker (Permanent)
  • Movement speed reduced by 10%
  • Work speed reduced by 25%
  • These changes do not affect Spirit Workers created by the Spirit Worker potion
  • Updated needs to match the Witch Doctor


Volcanic Bridge
  • Mana cost reduced from 100 to 50


Underlord AI Changes

  • Underlord AIs can now make use of the Besiege ritual to attack enemy Dungeons
  • Sloth focussed AIs will now be able to make use of the Infernal Urn to transform Brimstone into Quartz
  • The AI can now use Hellfire potions
  • Added 7 New Build Orders
  • Adjusted a number of existing Build Orders
  • The Medium Difficulty AI has received a number of tweaks
    • Now has the ability to drop units near rally flags
    • The rate at which it can pick up and drop units has been reduced
    • The rate at which is is allowed to spend sins has been reduced
    • It will now be slightly more aggressive
  • The AI will now trigger Sentinels more intelligently
  • The Master AI is now able to use defence parts to heal existing defences
  • The AI will now make more intelligent use of Work A Lot potions
  • When using Overcharge the AI will now wait until its Mana is exhausted before triggering the ritual
  • The AI is now able to more accurately predict if it needs to return its forces to defend its Dungeon Core
  • Further optimised the behaviour of the AI on master difficulty
  • AIs will now hesitate less whilst attacking and will execute their plans more aggressively if they are confident of victory
  • Bankrupt AIs now wait longer before selling rooms

Level / Campaign Changes

The Under Games

Underlord Shale
  • Beast spawn rate reduced from 666% to 444%
  • Defence gold & mana cost increased from 150% to 200%


Visual Improvements

  • New Animations
    • Democorn – Receive Pay
    • Baby Democorn – Receive Pay
    • Arcane Chunder – Sanctuary work
  • Visual Tweaks to the Foundry Floor
  • Improved the possession view of the Firebreather
  • Adjusted the viewpoint position of the Behemoth in possession


Localisation & UI

European and Chinese localisations now in game for various text edits that were done for 2.0 and 2.0.1:

  • Various user-interface text improvements, including tooltips and campaign map names
  • Pre-2.0 Skirmish maps have had their creators’ names added to the end of their descriptions
  • Fixed various old text style issues such as asterisks being used to show sound effects in subtitles
  • Lord of the Land unit subtitles (for future use in the Mighty Script Editor) have been tweaked to match chosen audio takes
  • New Mendechaus voice-over (for future use in the Mighty Script Editor) has had unique text keys added for each unique audio take being used


Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Debug logs which are generated upon game crashes are now fully GDPR compliant


Bug Fixes

Crashes & Gamebreakers

  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented some players from opening the Under Games if they had not completed the War for the Overworld campaign


  • Fixed an issue that would cause units to attempt to walk out of prisons and arenas


  • Alchemines should now always load in with their potions after loading a save game

Visual Fixes

  • Units are now react to the visual height of shrine floors (such as the siege shrine) and can walk on the surface without clipping

AI Fixes

  • Underlord AI’s will no longer ignore the last item in their build order
  • Fixed an issue where the Underlord AI would not use the Wisdom Juice potion on Vampires
  • Fixed an issue where the Underlord AI would issue an attack without removing units from it’s Peaceband, meaning sometimes attacks were not correctly planned and did not meet AI expectations
  • Fixed an issue where Workers were not correctly receiving new tasks and thus would revert to older tasks such as nearby reinforce wall tasks over newer claim tile tasks
  • Fixed an issue where the Underlord AI would be unable to determine an appropriate attack vector on large maps where the enemy is well fortified and defended

Map Editor – General

  • The Empire Theme selector can now correctly select any theme, even if it is locked

Levels / Campaigns

  • Fixed an issue where the cutscene which plays after Mandalf is turned to gold in Heart of Gold level 1 could be disrupted if he was mined by workers during the cutscene, preventing the level from ending
  • Fixed an issue where the VFX on the objective forge on Heart of Gold level 3 would not play correctly
  • Capturing Pre-Placed rooms in the “Seastead II” skirmish level will now correctly allow units to work in them


  • Fixed an issue where Chinese fonts were not displaying correctly on OS X


  • Fixed an issue on the Scenario Lobby where the mutators button was not accessible if the map could not be finished


  • Fixed a number of minor issues in the codebase



– Brightrock Games Team

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