Patch 1.6 Hotfixes


Darkest greetings Underlord,

At the start of this month we unleashed the My Pet Dungeon DLC and Patch 1.6, and your response to both has truly blown us away! The new game mode has met with roaring appreciation from our fans and we’re pleased that all our hard work and toil over the past few months has not gone to waste!

But the work does not stop there! With new features inevitably come new bugs; fortunately our stalwart QA volunteers and of course our ever patient community have been reporting issues left right and centre, and our development Chunders have been fixing them just as fast!

Since release we’ve pushed out hotfixes at regular intervals, but now we’re winding down to focus on upcoming content. But in case you haven’t been following thus far we’re going to provide a complete rundown of all the fixes and changes since My Pet Dungeon was unleashed.

The following list includes patch notes from these hotfixes, though additional changes are undocumented:

  • 1.6f8 – 4 April
  • 1.6f9 – 7 April
  • 1.6f10 – 10 April
  • 1.6f11 – 12 April
  • 1.6f12 – 20 April


Compiled Patch 1.6 Hotfixes

Gameplay Changes

  • Rallying Beasts will now also rally the Beastmaster
  • Made improvements to the way that Artefacts are dropped by Workers when there is no space in the Archive
  • Lava damage has increased from 50 to 200
  • Revenants now fade much faster

Level Changes

  • Gave the player 5 more minutes on War for the Overworld Level 11 before Mira channels the Kenos
  • Added an optional objective to War for the Overworld Level 3 to encourage the player to prepare for the attack
  • Made some tweaks to War for the Overworld Level 3 – the areas Empire units can come from should now be much clearer
  • Added new level end voice-over for War for the Overworld Level 5
  • Minor increase to research speed that increases throughout the campaign mode, about 30% increase level on level

My Pet Dungeon


  • Gold Rust’s Ember Lord’s treasure objective now completes once you claim the first Artefact
  • Made improvements to Snowhope to prevent some objectives becoming impossible to complete


Visual Improvements

  • Minor improvements to the Kasita Theme ceiling
  • Improved the visuals and animation of the Korvek Core

Performance Improvements

  • Vastly improved performance when large numbers of gold piles are on screen


  • Improved hit detection for the Shambler
  • Improved the Possession camera for the Shambler
  • Improved feedback when adding a unit to your Possession raid group
  • Improved the Possession Cam Bobbing option

UI Changes

  • New unit portraits for:
    • Beastmaster
    • Behemoth
    • Succubus
    • Bafu
    • Augre
    • Terror
    • Shadow
    • Necromancer
    • Cultist
    • Oculus
    • Ghoul
    • Revenant
    • Wraith
    • Shambler
    • Crackpot
    • Chunder
    • Arcane Chunder
    • Chilly Chunder
    • Chilli Chunder
    • Chunderling
    • Chunderoid
    • Gnarling
    • Vampire
  • Moved the unit chat indicator to the new Floatymoticon system
  • Prevented pixelation of the Floatymoticons on low settings
  • Improved formatting of My Pet Dungeon arrow on the main menu
  • Crucible and My Pet Dungeon lobbies now remember player selections for themes and mutators


  • Made various improvements to the German translation
  • Minor improvements to the French translation
  • Corrected some Dungeon Theme translation names

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Magma Weaver to take damage from Lava
  • Made a temporary tweak to the Worker Dash ability to prevent a known issue – this will be improved upon at a later date
  • Prevented the Archon from spawning Wraiths in Chasms


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Annex from being cast correctly
  • Fixed an issue that occurred if a cutscene played while in Possession
  • Fixed an issue preventing the creation of Warbands in Possession
  • Fixed an issue preventing Possession recall in special cases


  • Corrected an underlying issue that would cause Gateways to spawn too many units
  • War for the Overworld Level 10’s speed run achievement is now rewarded for the correct time
  • Prevented the player getting stuck in War for the Overworld Level 2 by selecting the wrong research in the Veins of Evil
  • Fixed an issue that locked the Wrath branch of the Veins of Evil on My Pet Dungeon Level 4
  • Lady Aetna’s voice lines on Heart of Gold Level 4 now stop after her death – there can be only one disembodied voice in War for the Overworld, mwahahahahaha ha!
  • Fixed an issue that caused the objective panel to disappear on War for the Overworld Level 3
  • Fixed the Kasita Theme on Heart of Gold Level 4 which was using the correct colour
  • Corrected some issues with the Hell’s Deep objectives (My Pet Dungeon)

My Pet Dungeon

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from claiming gold dropped by units spawned from the My Pet Dungeon Gateway
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the description text of My Pet Dungeon maps from being translated
  • Stopped My Pet Dungeon Toybox units playing their Tavern speech
  • Removed some broken rituals from Hell’s Deep (Unleash Kenos for example)
  • Fixed the Toybox tutorial line failing to play
  • Prevented ice tiles reverting to Dirt in My Pet Dungeon
  • Corrected an issue preventing some players from playing the second My Pet Dungeon map for free
  • Clicking the My Pet Dungeon purchase banner in-game now correctly redirects you to the Steam Store
  • Fixed a rare issue resulting in the My Pet Dungeon user-interface disappearing

God Mode

  • Placing a Neutral room in God mode now works as intended


  • Worker Rally flags in Multiplayer will now only show for the player placing them as intended

Map Editor

  • Removed duplicate entries from the Empire Theme selector


  • Prevented a rare situation where a Worker would try to walk into the centre of a prop
  • Fixed an issue that caused Shadows to run through Lava unnecessarily


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the hide user interface button from being displayed
  • Fixed the “Translation No Longer Supported” box failing to display
  • Fixed a regression that resulted in players becoming locked in the Extras menu


  • Fixed an issue preventing the narrator’s voice from being controlled by the volume slider


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Worker fortify VFX to play incorrectly
  • Fixed various issues with the Arcane Theme


  • Fixed various minor code errors
  • Corrected a mismatch between a miscellaneous narrator voice line and subtitle
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Micropiglets and Rats being unloaded when changing level
  • Prevented multiple null reference exceptions
  • Prevented some rare crash cases


That covers all the work our dedicated Chunders have put in over the last few weeks! Stay tuned for more news hot from our foundries!



– Brightrock Games Team

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  1. Lava damage has increased from 50 to 200

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