Patch 1.2 “Tipping the Scales” Now Available!

Patch 1.2 Carousel

Darkest greetings Underlords!

Last week we released Patch 1.2 over on the Public Test Branch and we’re pleased to report that after a few more changes and bug fixes we’re happy to release it into the wilds of the public branch!

Key Features:

  • Major balance overhaul
    • Prop Efficiency
    • Explosives Overhaul
    • Much more
  • New Unlockables
  • Game Speed Adjustment
  • Quality of Life Changes
  • Bug Fixes

Some Stats on 1.2:

  • 31st public patch since launch
  • Released 42 days after 1.1.22 (35 days after for Public Testing)
  • 315 changes, 82 bug fixes
  • 9.45 changes/bug fixes per day since 1.1.22
  • 8 days shorter development cycle than 1.1; 134 more fixes/changes

Release Notes

With over 17 pages worth of changes Patch 1.2 is our largest yet, there’s a lot of changes to acquaint yourselves with so reading through the patch notes is a must!

Click here to read the patch notes!

As always we’ll be monitoring the forums for your feedback and any bug reports you may have and we’ll be working on a few minor patches before our next major patch!

Patch Preview Content

Throughout the last couple of weeks we’ve been teasing plenty of previews for 1.2, if you’re not one for scrolling through the massive set of patch notes then you can get a good summary by checking out these sources!

Quality of Life Preview Video

A new video for the release today, this video covers many of the Quality of Life and miscellaneous changes in Patch 1.2.

Balance Preview Video

Released two weeks ago, this video covers many of the major balance changes in Patch 1.2.


We’ve had a couple of preview blogs in the run up to the release of patch 1.2 you can read these via the links below:

Patch 1.2 Preview: Balance

Patch 1.2 Preview: Quality of Life


Now we’re sure you’re eager to dive headlong into the new patch so head on over to Steam and grab your update! If you’d like to leave us feedback then head over to our forums via the link below!


Until next time Underlords,

– WFTO Team

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  1. The game speed changes need hotkeys. Like Ctrl /- for increase/decrease game speed.

    • We’re already considering that just didn’t make it in time for the patch sadly 🙁

  2. We need a population count indicator!

    • “All You Need Is Love…” (^,°)/)
      Since the most basic minions use 1.0 population, but the most advanced minions use 1.5 of the dynamic population cap, one can not provide an exact “count”.
      But just hover with the hand a gateway to learn about minion population or hover a beast portal in a beast den to look up the beast population.
      All ya need is in the Tooltip 🙂

  3. Patch looks awesome. When is the patch coming out for the DRM-free version? :/ Humble still has 1.1