Patch 1.2 “Tipping the Scales” Available for Testing!

Patch 1.2 Public Test Branch, White

Darkest Greetings Underlords,

Patch 1.2 “Tipping the Scales” is approaching completion and we’re sure that you’re eager to get your hands on it. With the changes in the patch being so huge we’ve taken the decision to extend the testing period, but much like 1.1, we didn’t want to keep it from you any longer. As such we’re uploading the build to the public testing branch as we write this!

If you’d like to help us nail down any issues or offer feedback on the changes before the full patch goes live then please opt-in to the public test you can do so by following the instructions in our announcement thread!

You can read the full patch notes for 1.2 here (updated to the correct link).

If you’d like to talk about the patch with our community you can head on over to this forum to discuss it. We look forward to hearing what you think of the latest patch!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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  1. Epic patch for the PTB, wfto team!!!

    Great fun and the game is way more balanced!
    Love the new maps! Really hoping to see more maps in the full 1.2 patch?
    Already played wfto at least once every day, this patch wil keep my addiction going! N1

    Still waiting for that newsletter bytheway, keep reading these last few weeks: “next week”. But that never holds in the week following. Are you guys creating a 300 page newsletter? Or is there simply no time thanks to development, wich i totaly understand. Still sucks to wait, im really want to read that newsletter and all the info about future plans.

    Stil i should not bitch about the details, this game is epic. And i love the future development of the game (patches, updates, dlc) because it simply good and stands out from most of the other early acces or retail steam games because of the care en on going development.

    Its clear you guys arent in for the money. But for creating a game thats worthy (big time) of being a dungeon keeper followup.

    Keep on going, your on the winning track!

    Greets, Crono

    • Glad you are enjoying the patch! 1.2 won’t have any more maps sadly, but 1.3 will bring many, many maps… you’ll see why soon 🙂

      Newsletter has been delayed by the patch, we’ve been focusing on that and didn’t want to post the newsletter out until it was finished. Soon!