Patch 1.2.3 Release Notes

1.2.3 Large

Darkest Greetings Underlords

It’s that time once again, the stars have aligned and the laughter of cursed gods echoes through the air; another patch for WFTO is being released upon the unsuspecting populace. In Patch 1.2.3 you’ll find a handful of performance optimisations, balance changes as well as over 50 other fixes and changes that will no doubt leave you craving for more.

That’s not all for this week though, keep an eye out over the course of the coming week for a new exciting preview in our newsletter!

Now without further a do, read on for the patch notes!

Gameplay and Balance Changes

  • It is no longer possible to pick up defence parts, artefacts and gold piles from allied dungeon tiles
  • Destroying a Dungeon Core will now cause all the units belonging to that Underlord to become KO’d allowing players to vie for imprisoning rights over them
  • Rooms can only be repaired from edge tiles as opposed to any tile in the room

Outpost (Construct)

  • Can no longer claim tiles that it cannot “see” i.e. tiles diagonally open but blocked by two walls

Emperor Lucius (Unit)

  • Resistances substantially increased

UI Changes

  • Team colour added to prop efficiency and progress shields
  • The “M” button next to the minimap now opens the pause menu
  • A reset home realm button has been added to the campaign menu, you no longer need to enter the home realm to reset
  • Added a confirmation dialog when deleting a saved game
  • Improved several tooltips

AI Improvements

  • Your units will now all attack a rebelling unit if they see them attack another friendly unit
  • Units that miss with a ranged attack regularly will attempt to move closer to increase their chance of hitting

Performance Optimisations

  • Improvements made to threat identification for AIs to reduce load on CPU
    • Large number of units moving into a tile in the same game tick could cause a microstutter
  • Improvements to object creation to reduce load on CPU and overhead for garbage collection
  • Reduced overhead from the Fog of War visibility renderer


Visual Improvements

  • The Wormhole potion now plays a VFX at the destination for each unit travelling
  • VFX added to show when units are frozen in place by the Bonechiller active
  • Extended the radius at which walls are clipped, this should make it so you can’t see a black abyss at the edge of the visible area in certain camera positions

Level Changes

Belmornes Pass – Level 9

  • Added a loss condition when the player Dungeon Core is destroyed

Home Realm

  • Units belonging to the Empire no longer have needs in this level

Misc Changes

  • Various backend changes to add support for upcoming features
  • Some cleanup to underlying codebase
  • It is now possible to play skirmish levels in a pseudo sandbox mode by closing all other slots than your own

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Kasita from replacing stone bridges that have been sold in Level 12
  • Fixed exceptions that would occur upon the death of workers spawned above the mana lock limit
  • Tooltips for rooms will no longer show constructs as placable
  • Fixed a bug which would cause prisoners to seek their beds, causing them to stop pacing the prison
  • Master AI will demonstrate its outstanding grasp of human social interaction by not spamming you with the same messages
  • Fixed an issue where the flight ability was not passive for several units and using it would break their movement
  • Fixed an issue where when possessing certain units would cause their collision box to become so large that it rendered some areas impassable
  • Fixed an extremely long standing bug which would cause the unit panel to become unscrollable (Thanks to Biliskner for helping pin down the cause)
  • The camera in multiplayer spectator mode will no longer disappear below the level
  • Fixed an issue where the Worker rally and Impasse flags would not be placed reliably when a Rally all or Beast rally flag is already placed in the level
  • Fixed a bug where spirit workers could be damaged by AOE attacks
  • Fixed an issue where mana locks for workers would be duplicated upon loading a saved level
  • It is no longer possible to cast “Blood money” on the same unit multiple times
  • Workers that are dragging items and units will no longer be displayed as idle on the worker display
  • Fixed an issue in the behaviour of Well of Souls which would cause it to deal it’s damage inconsistently
  • Fixed a bug that occured on level 8 where spawning certain heroes would cause them to spawn continuously as black ghouls
  • Fixed a bug where ramparts could not be sold after loading a saved game
  • Fixed an incorrect animation on the Archon that caused it to behave erratically when possessed
  • Fixed a visual issue where Gnarlings would face the wrong direction when assisting in training
  • Fixed a bug where enemy tiles would change team colour if you dragged a build selection over them from one of your tiles
  • The home realm will no longer award you with a random number of sins upon loading
  • Fixed the sin cap being incorrectly calculated due to Titan aspects
  • Workers should no longer have issues grabbing units that were KOd near a prop
  • Giant workers no longer appear for clients in multiplayer when dropping workers on a Dungeon Core
  • Fixed an issue where clients were unable to pick up workers in Multiplayer
  • Lord O’Theland now behaves correctly in the Home Realm and can be dropped in Arena, Torture Chamber, Crypt etc.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip delay option would not work as expected
  • Fixed a visual issue where Unit shields would occasionally stay black where a unit had previously rebelled
  • Ghouls and other units which do not benefit from experience are no longer counted in the distribution for the effects of “Wisdom Juice” potions
  • Fixed a case where possession abilities would not work for clients in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where the bombard overdrive VFX would not persist through a save and load
  • Gold shrines will behave better with saving and loading
  • Gold Vortex constructs will no longer activate themselves after loading a save game
  • Gold Vortex constructs will now correctly render their VFX when active after a save and load
  • Fixed a bug where workers would behave as if they had just been dropped, locating a job in the near vicinity after a save and load
  • Fixed a bug that occurs after loading a save game where picking up a unit from the arena and dropping it would cause it to attack friendly units outside the arena.
  • Fixed a bug where units would fight to the death in the arena if a saved game was loaded
  • Fixed a bug where the Beastmaster would not heal friendly beasts under any circumstance


Until next time Underlords,

– WFTO Team


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  1. This is all well and good, but when are we going to hear something about the UI lag? It kinda makes me not want to play to game if the main menu hurts my head.

    • Hi Ryan,

      The UI lag is actually a Coherent UI issue (Coherent is the middleware UI software the game runs), we’re waiting on a fix from them (in the form of a new patch of their software), since it’s an issue with external software, there is very little we can actually do ourselves, other than wait.

      • Ahh, ok thanks for the reply. It’s good to know why it’s happening.

  2. Really don’t care about bugfixes anymore. game runs smooth for me since V1.0!

    Still waiting for that newsletter tho, (that should come next week right?..??)

    Same go’s for the map editor…. That really adds some replay value to the game.

    • Newsletter was meant to be earlier this week but was delayed due to a fault in the service we’re providing it over. I updated it today and hopefully we’ll be looking at getting it out tomorrow.

  3. yes the more fixes the beter keep it upp

  4. AI bug I noticed in one of the first levels –

    If an enemy is attacking your heart, dropping units on the treasure piles next to your heart will result in them ignoring the enemy right next to them while a little gold icon pops up over their heads. Is that something you guys are aware of?

    • Please don’t post bugs in the comments. There is a extra forum for that. Bugs go there.

  5. Hello developers, thank you for the brilliant game. Two points I would like to see in the future patches – experience progress of minions displayed by the tiny “pie chart” on their status tag as in DK2. The second would be automatic door mode. Door is very useful but I can not be everywhere on the map to trigger it manually. I use blade lotus instead of door now…I also liked the sound of door opening when imps were running through 🙂 Thank you and keep up the good work!

  6. Which means nothing cos u still cant multiplayer without synch issues and just alt efouring the thing. But the menu works, which is nice.
    Grrr,waste of good cash.