Patch 1.1.22 Release Notes

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Darkest Greetings Underlords,

We’ve just pushed our latest patch 1.1.22 live and with it comes another round of Performance optimisations, quality of life changes and a whole host of other fixes and changes.

Work on Patch 1.2 is now earnestly under-way and you can expect several new features to be coming along then! Keep your eye out for our first newsletter in the near future which will be going into detail on some of the exciting things you can expect in Patch 1.2!

Now without further a do we’re sure you’re eagerly awaiting to see what the latest patch brings!

Gameplay & Balance Changes


  • Workers sacrificed on the Dungeon Core will immediately drop their gold on the vault, if no space is available the gold will be piled to the side.
  • It is now possible to claim the territory that belongs to a defeated ally player

Alchemy Lab (Room)

We’ve added the ability to sell your potions while they’re still brewing or sitting in your cauldron. We didn’t want players to feel punished for mistakenly selecting the wrong potion, in the same way that you can sell defences or constructs both as blueprints and once complete.

  • Sellback added for Potions in Cauldrons
    • Cancelling a potion that hasn’t started brewing will provide you with a 100% refund
    • Cancelling a potion in the first 5 seconds of brewing will provide you with a 100% refund
    • Cancelling a potion after 5 seconds of brewing will provide a 50% refund

Posession (Spell)

  • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to progress work significantly faster as a worker in possession

Obey (Spell) & Work-a-lot (Potion)

  • The Obey spell and Work-a-lot potion are now mutually exclusive and cannot be stacked on one and other

Performance Optimisations

  • Units are now appropriately culled when grabbed and dropped by remote players (AI or Human) this should herald some performance improvements where other Underlords are present on levels.
    • Previously units that were grabbed and dropped by other players were rendered for the local player regardless of their location.
  • Tiles will now cull properly even when their mesh changes off camera.
  • Small optimisation to Gateway colliders which should save a small amount of CPU time
  • Overhauled unit animations to reduce animation overhead at no visual loss
  • Small performance improvements when knocking out and claiming enemy Dungeons
  • Fixed a bug which caused duplicate wall connectors to be created on levels during editing
    • ~57,800 needless connectors removed from level 10 reducing file size from 1.2GB to 350MB this should decrease loading times (Down to 9.5 seconds from 15.5 seconds)

Visual Changes

  • Implemented Door toppers for Mira’s Doors
  • New Priestess and priestess boss visuals


Audio Changes

  • Win / Loss Advisor VO Added
  • New VO Alerts added
    • Alerts for Individual units becoming hungry, tired etc.
    • Other cases e.g. Vault full, Allied core under attack, enemy converting your minions
    • Alerts for Artefacts, each artefact now has VO associated for discovering identifying and using those artefacts

UI Changes

  • Summoned units no longer display a level on their unit shields
  • Introduced a tooltip on the payday indicator showing time until next payday and cost
  • 0.1 Second delay added to the info panel appearing, this


AI Improvements

  • Workers should now be better at recovering corpses or unconscious units, especially when the fallen units are near to props

Level Changes

  • Fixed ritual availability being inconsistent between levels 7,9 and 10
  • Volcanic Bridge can now be unlocked on level 12
  • Ghoul number cap increased in Level 8 to ensure there are always Ghoul slots available
  • Minor layout changes on Level 11 to make finding the first gateway easier
  • Bridges on Level 11 are now floating above chasm and not on water
  • Small changes to “Eye of the Beholder” to ensure all players start on equal footing

Misc Changes

  • Updated UI Middleware, may yield some improvements and bug fixes for some users.
  • Units in the Arena now use a special mood not related to madness, this should prevent potential conflicts between the two states
  • Doubled the default speed of camera rotation
  • “Vault Full” Alert has been disabled in cases where the player has infinite gold

Bug Fixes

  • Blade Lotus, Gargoyle and Well of souls are once again buildable on stone bridges
  • Fixed a bug in C8 where reloading the level would cause all enemies to respawn
  • Fixed a bug where slave units (Ghouls etc.) would lose their masters on a reload
  • Various backend improvements to how the game unloads from Multiplayer matches
  • Enemy Blade Loti no longer show their shields or info panel tips while hidden
  • Well of Souls will now correctly work for clients
  • Fixed a bug where unit shields would not correctly hide on pickup
  • Fixed a potential delay that could cause problems in Multiplayer and Possession
  • Possession now works correctly on clients in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug with the Mana Shrine on Level 6 that was preventing it from working properly
  • The Emperor will no longer leave his chambers to attempt to sleep
  • Fixed an issue in Level 13 where loading a saved level that was saved after the drawbridge was brought down would cause the bridge to raise again
  • The “Leeeeroooy” achievement will no longer count the drawbridge Winches as optional objectives
  • The “My Pet Dungeon” achievement is now correctly awarded after spending 5 hours total in the Home Realm
  • Removed some duplicate props on Level 10
  • Minions will no longer get stuck on Ramparts that are placed on Stone Bridges
  • Fixed a bug where units could escape from the Arena
  • Cultists will no longer keep researching after all available aspects have been unlocked on a level that does not have all aspects available
  • Fixed units who have a focussed rally target attempting to attack that target while unconscious
  • Fixed a bug where cultists would not research artefacts when the sin cap is reached
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong progress would show in the info panel
  • Fixed the highguard spamming his snoring noise while asleep
  • Fixed the gold value of a blood money statue not decreasing as workers dig at the statue
  • Fixed native British members of the team complaining about the heat
  • Fixed an exploit where a player in spectator mode can move objects such as Artefacts and Gold Piles
  • Fixed an issue where Titans would not respond to their rally flag in Multiplayer
  • Shadows will now correctly fight one and other in the arena
  • Shadows can no longer leap out of the arena using their blink
  • Clients in multiplayer lobbies should now be able to see AI Difficulty levels
  • Archons will no longer raise wraiths from golden statues
  • Fixed a long standing bug where prisoners would continuously die when placed in prison causing them to be dropped from prison and returned to prison.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not sacrifice prisoners for the vampire ritual
  • Fixed an issue where some attacks would push units into walls from the momentum of the attack
  • Fixed several issues with the Spirit Worker

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  1. So much support after the game is released? Who do you think you are?

    Awesome work!

  2. Nice to see that you guys fixed that Prison glitch! I’ve had so many seem to get there, dead, and the Imps waste all of the time in the world putting them back in!

  3. Hey guys, awesome work – so its time for some multiplayer games at the weekend 🙂

  4. thanks a lot for fix the prison bug!
    and for show the cost of pay day, that is really useful

    nice job!

  5. still only the lamest sandbox map . when do u bring back my little dream dungeon map ?
    so , no need for me to start the game untill next patch

    are u so bad programmers that u cant add old maps again in the game ???

    slowly i dont care anymore , just sorry that i spend money for it.

    NOT nice job

    • Haven’t you ‘asked’ that question like ten times before?
      There IS a dream dungeon map called HOME REALM on the left side of your campaign menu. Could you please read answer instead of flaming all time!
      Have a nice day dude.

  6. Do want to release a game?

    because thats how to release a game 🙂

    good work!

  7. Great job guys!

  8. Great patch! Love the fixing of the prison bug, really hated that one!
    Can’t wait for version 1.2 offcourse, same go’s for your first newsletter!!!

    Any idea when this wil arive in our mailbox?

    (keep up the good work! this game is so good and addictive!, play it everyday)

  9. Good work guys!


  10. I would like to report a few bugs. I saw these when I played the last campaign map #13.

    1) Prisoners HP drain: Prisoners HP kept draining while in prison and would often fell unconscious before the conversion torture complete. Not sure what trigger it but I have seen it on both my plays in this map.

    2) An old minor problem I noticed since I play this map from before v1.1. Highguard, Templar, and some priestess kept walking around with only 2 health bars after conversion. I finally figured out that the problem was that their sleep gauge stuck at 100%. Therefore, they never went to sleep and recover in lair.

    I hope these issues can be addressed in future patches.

  11. Hey, Maybe I can train my monster in the arena now without having to kill them later on due to madness ^__^