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Greetings Underlords,

After a couple of weeks of silence we’ve at last completed work on our latest Minor Patch. 1.1.15 is a large update encompassing quite a few changes including some significant performance optimisations. We’ve been testing all the changes in this patch over the past two weeks and we’re finally happy that it’s stable enough for public release.

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So without further adieu read on for the latest patch notes!



Performance Improvements

  • Major optimisations to underlying code which has resulted in significantly reduced Memory usage
    • Up to 70% Reduced memory usage in-game compared to patch 1.1.7 (1.4GB from 4.8GB)
    • Up to 83% Reduced memory usage on startup compared to patch 1.1.7 (627MB from 3.7GB)
    • Up to 76% reduced initial game startup time compared to patch 1.1.7 (5.61s from 23.50s)
  • Refactored unit highlights to be called once instead of on every frame
  • Reduced the performance impact of unit shields
  • Improved bandwidth usage in Multiplayer games


Gameplay & Balance Changes

Frost Weaver (Potion & Unit)

The Frost Weaver has long been ignored by players in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer, and thus far he’s failed to fulfill his purpose as an on-demand tank. As such we’ve given him some significant buffs to his tanking stats while reducing his damage. He’s also gained a new ability which allows him to dramatically reduce the effectiveness of enemy units near to him.

  • Cost increased to 4500 gold (up from 3500)
  • Health increased to 9001 (up from 2200)
  • Movement speed reduced by 12.5%
  • Meltdown (Self DoT) damage increased to 250/second (Up from 3/second)
  • Basic attack cooldown increased to 3s (up from 2s)
  • Basic attack damage reduced to 100 (down from 120)
  • Frost Nova cooldown increased to 15s (up from 8s)
  • Frost Nova immobilize duration increased to 3s (up from 2s)
  • Deep Freeze (Stun on death) radius reduced to 2 tiles (down from 3)
  • Chilling Embrace Reworked: Now applies a stack every second to enemies in a 1.5 tile radius. Stacks reduce movement speed by 10% and attack speed by 15%. Stacks last 15 seconds and a maximum of five can be applied.

Ember Demon (Construct & Unit)

We’re continuing to tweak the Ember Demon to better position him as a consistent threat to your defences, we’ve once again increased his damage and improved the ability we added to him in the last patch (Immolation). In return we’ve increased his cost to make investing in Ember Demons a costly but hopefully rewarding endeavour.

  • Basic attack cooldown reduced to 1.5s (Down from 2.5s)
  • Basic attack damage increased to 80 (from 75)
  • Immolation damage increased to 5/s per stack (up from 3/s per stack)
  • Immolation stacking speed increased to 1.5s (up from 2.5s)
  • Immolation stack duration reduced to 5s (Down from 10s)
  • Cost increased to 7500 (Up from 5000)


Vampire (Unit)

The Vampire is intended to be a high risk, high reward blitzer. Sadly his survivability and damage in combat was leaving him more risk than reward. We’ve dramatically improved his stats to make him even more valuable, but be sure to keep him happy as you certainly won’t want this new and improved Vampire rampaging around your Dungeon.

  • Health increased to 2000 (up from 1000)
  • Basic attack damage increased to 150 (up from 100)
  • Reap damage increased to 250 (up from 100)
  • Reap cooldown decreased to 8s (down from 10s)
  • Deadly Strike damage increased to 150 (up from 100)
  • Blood need requirement slowed down by 40% (0.6/s instead of 1/s)
  • Vampirism heal % increased to 75% (up from 35%)
  • KO Time reduced to 20s (Down from 60s)


Highguard (Unit)

When you’re as highborne as he is you don’t want to dirty your hands!

  • No longer works in the Foundry


Midas Door (Defence)

The Midas door has a very exciting mechanic where you can exchange your gold for an effectively infinite health door. However we’ve found that the gold cost was far too high and this was extremely inhibitive to it’s use. As such we’ve dramatically reduced the cost for each point of damage it takes to make it actually usable!

  • Gold per damage cost reduced to 0.33 per point of damage (Down from 5)


Well of Souls (Defence)

We wanted to give the Well of Souls even more oomph when you activate it’s ability. As such we’ve change the type of wraith spawned to Archon wraiths which will heal themselves during combat, extending their duration while enemies are still around.

  • Damage cost per wraith increased to 200 (up from 150)
  • Now spawns Archon Wraiths instead of normal Wraiths, Archon Wraiths only last 15 seconds out of combat but heal for great amounts whenever they attack


Prospector (Ritual)

  • Cast time reduced by 50%
  • Duration doubled to 20s (up from 10s)
  • Vision radius around revealed objects doubled


Revelation (Ritual)

  • Revelation now gradually reveals parts of the enemy Dungeons over 20 seconds, if during this time the whole dungeon is not revealed the ritual ceases.

UI changes

  • Added the colour in brackets to position for multiplayer lobbies allowing players to determine where their starting location will be.
  • Audio and Visual alerts added for rituals being activated
  • Removed spectator mode text in Multiplayer which could overlay on the chat box
  • A population status indicator will now appear when your attracted population equals half of your maximum.
  • Unit job assignments are now shown in the Information panel
  • Hotkeys will now work when the UI is hovered

Visual Changes

  • Several visual changes related to team colouring of the standard core
  • Added several unique icons for Empire Units

Level Changes

  • Level 6 – Attack squads will now only attempt to rally, they will not attempt to dig on their way

AI Changes

  • Workers will not as readily chase enemy workers

Misc Changes

  • Overhauled resolution settings – should now provide all resolutions that your device can support
  • Allowed the game to load when unfocused meaning you can now chat to your friends and load a match of WFTO!
  • Core under attack alerts now trigger more intelligently, taking into account how rapidly a core is losing health
  • Renamed the John Theme to Korvek


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the highguard would show an incorrect name tag on the information panel
  • Fixed an issue where possessing a unit while a cutscene played would cause the camera to become stuck and prevent progression
  • Blade loti will now correctly hide themselves from enemy units.
  • Fixed an issue where beasts that were removed from the Arena would immediately be returned to it
  • Fixed an issue where the unit panel was not checking for whether a unit is a prisoner on initialisation meaning that units that were in a special state were showing up as owned units
  • Fixed an issue where resolution and display number were not correctly updating on a reload
  • Fixed an issue where the “Core under attack” alert did not play for clients in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where the barrier in Level 13 would continue to exist after using the Kenos ritual after a save/load
  • Fixed special warbands not working of clients in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where saving and loading on Level 5 before the replacement walls objective would cause the camera to lock during that objective
  • Fixed an issue where disabling subtitles while a subtitle was on screen would cause that subtitle to be displayed permanently
  • Fixed an issue which prevented workers from repairing friendly rooms that had become damaged.
  • Fixed an issue where units were able to escape from the Arena and attack
  • Fixed an issue where Revelation remained permanently in Multiplayer
  • Matriarch’s spirit army should now work correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the worker would get stuck in the dig animation forever after a depossession
  • Fixed the Witch doctor’s heal
  • Multiple fixes to the appearance of the sanctuary
  • Fixed an issue where the Ember Demon could leave a body that could be grabbed by workers
  • Reimplemented the Shaboozey achievement
  • Fixed an issue where Core themes could change on a save and reload after being claimed by another player
  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes not start in Fullscreen
  • Fixed the Glacial Door walls sometimes being penetrable
  • Fixed a few issues with the Spirit chamber and it’s appearance
  • Fixed issues where clients couldn’t take actions in possession in Multiplayer matches
  • Fixed volcanic bridge not tiling correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Gold Vortex would not animate
  • Passive AOE no longer inflicts damage to allied units
  • Necromancer’s “raise” ability no longer raises units that are unrecyclable i.e. Wraiths, Ghouls, Ember Demon
  • Fixed a visual issue with Empire owned Taverns on Campaign level 2 and Skirmish level “Seastead”
  • Fixed a visual issue on Level 8 where certain siege doors were not using the correct wall connectors
  • Fixed an issue where Artefacts did not correctly change to their identified appearence
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue related to random start locations
  • Fixed an issue where clients could show the wrong position
  • Fixed several issues with spectator mode on clients
  • Super units should now always be respawnable for client
  • Fixed several issues with rendering defences
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the veins of evil to present with missing aspects
  • Fixed a number of shader issues on the OSX Build of the game
  • Portraits of corrupted heroes in Level 6 have been corrected
  • Fixed a critical crash that was known to occur on Level 8 and Level 10
  • Several fixes to prevent crashing in Multiplayer


That’s it for this patch keep your eyes peeled for more coming in the future and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear what’s coming in patch 1.2!


Until next time Underlords,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Hi there, when the game is started, there is no menu. Just the background where you see the green heart.

    • I followed the instructions but when I click on it, I get an error message saying “GPU not attached”?

    • Me too NoMenu XD I understand

  2. I STILL CANT PLAY LEVEL 10 DUE TO HARD LAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT FOR GODS SAKE

  3. Good lord, that is such a huge change in the game’s performance. It’s a shame it couldn’t have released in this state, but good job.

  4. Wow, well done chaps on a sterling job!

    The game now loads before the kettle has boiled! Going to have to rethink my gaming my startup routine 😉

    I may now also be able to play this on my 4gb tablet!

    Really glad to see the amount of effort that is still going into this game. Well done again.

  5. Awesome! Now that’s how a game should play finally! Good job guys! Can’t wait to get the hints of 1.2!

  6. new patch – still no dreamdungeon sandboxmap .

    i think i try to get dungeon keeper 2 somewhere.

    “Vampire rampaging around your Dungeon.” i think i dont want vampires, in DK2 vampires was great . i was playing sandbox dream dungeon with over 20 vampires for houres and they dont fight my dungeon even if i dont kill enemys and do other things .

    and here i even dont get a good sandboxmap (no enemys = useless to play it)
    before v 1.0 there were many sandbox maps , why do u left the lamest ?

    im losing the interest in this game ;(

    • Wow! Thanks for your continuing work guys! x

  7. This is great news, nice work with the performance improvement and beyond, thanks a lot guys, I’ll check this out asap.

  8. Lvl 13 still does not let the barrier down after activating the kenos!!

  9. very swift, good improvements, getting better everyday.
    but does anyone else find it breaks their saved games? When I try and load a pre-patch save game (havent tested new ones yet) the load bar reaches 90% solid through the loading screen and just sits their indefinately…

  10. We want a humorous Immotal like horny!
    Unique unit

  11. Bonjour

    j’ai un gros soucis de bug quand je construis des salles sur une parties bien développé, elles se suppriment partiellement.

  12. Still didn’t fix the “repair outer wall” load/save glitch that it was supposed to. I’m stuck in a level and cant finish.

    • Hi Paul is this save from before the patch? If so you’ll need to start the level anew. If not please clarify your issue and I’ll see if I can get it replicated and fixed.

  13. Hey, that is a really great change! So you can change the min. system specs for WFTO now, right? Looking forward to more performance related optimizations in the next patches 🙂

  14. I would link to say a massive Thank You to you guys at Subterranean games for your great work on Memory Optimisation, that now allows me to play the game!!!

    But I find the UI and mouse quite laggy even though my FPS is good, is it possible to work on this problem for the 1.2 patch?

    Many Thanks

    • Hey Garmour28,

      IF your UI is laggy it suggests that Coherent UI (our UI Middleware) is being starved of resources. Make sure that you have enough system resources available and if possible assign a higher CPU priority to WFTO.exe and if it exist to the Coherent Process as well.

      Hope that helps,


  15. Good lengthy fix to some very annoying bugs, but I’m still having problems with level 13. Captured enemy units often get stuck in a loop when thrown into a prison, where they reawaken from their unconscious state after being dragged by your imps, only to break out of the prison and fall down again, having to be put back in! This is very annoying and prevents further use of the prison, allowing captives to endless stack up in that area and cause your workers to be taken away from their other duties. I have restarted the level several times but I’ve still yet to complete the game even once due to bugs, and this one is no exception! If you could look into fixing that, then maybe after the next patch I can play the game again.

    • We’re aware of the Prison issue though it’s not specific to Level 13. We’re trying to nail it down but it proves difficult to reliably replicate.

  16. I must say this game remains for the most part broken. I still can’t finish L13 as the barrier (even when disabled) does not allow minions to cross. I’ve also have a issue with the prison where unconcious victims die upon imprisoment, get dumped outside and then immediately placed back in, to just die again. This is resolved by a save and restart but frankly is poor. it’s as Phil above has also noticed.

    The concept and art is fabulous, love the re-boot. but this is now a paid game not a beta release and it’s not up to scratch.

    • Hi Jeff,

      If you’re playing from an old save it’s quite likely that the Barrier will still be broken as that save was made before the fix was implemented.

      As for the Prison bug we’re trying to nail it down but it’s proving difficult to replicate so any additional information that can be provided will be fantastic.

      Hope that helps,


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  18. after the last patch I do not see the menu , I can not play or anything 🙁 just opened the game you see the background , the animation of bats but do not see the menu X (

  19. Hey guys, thanks for your hard work!