The Dungeoneers Guide – Now Available


Darkest greetings Underlord,

Years of waiting have finally paid off Underlord, and a long promised treasure has just been delivered to your steam folders!

Yes indeed The Dungeoneers Guide to the Underworld is finally complete and those amongst you who own the Underlord Edition of the game will find this exquisitely crafted tome dropping into your game folder as we speak!



Filled to the brim with awesome lore and art!


“But what is the Dungeoneer’s Guide” we hear you ask. We’ll forgive you for not knowing, after all for many years it has been unclear just what we’d deliver, all because we wanted to bring you something truly special.

To sum it up the Dungeoneer’s Guide is a lovingly assembled 48-page PDF, filled to the brim with knowledge and art on the denizens of Kairos, you’ll find details on all the original WFTO units as well as the forces of the Empire. You’ll even find some as yet unexplored backstory on the history of the world!



Featuring new art made especially for the guide!


The Dungeoneer’s Guide is our love letter to the bygone days of physical game manuals, which those of us old enough to remember will have a fond place in our hearts for. These ancient relics contained knowledge on the world and the creatures within it that could not be found in game, they provided insight and made a great read while you laid in bed dreaming of your next gaming conquest.

We’ve also thrown in our three part short story series “All that is Gold” which tells the tale of one particularly heroic dwarf and his adventures through Phaestus during the events of “Heart of Gold”

So grab your copies of the Guide, give them a read and enjoy all the love we’ve put into them, we hope they were worth the wait.


– Brightrock Games Team


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  1. I just found this most wonderful site,and I’m trying to read everything dungeon keeper 2 is my bible and the keeper is my needless to say I’m in love agin is there a place where I can read more about it and does it have other games like dk2 or perhaps make 2 different types of the main game I want to read all I can so I wonder disappoint my lord,keeper. (I’m using old english,so don’t get your knickers in a wad) please I need to know more

  2. Does everyone else read these in the narrator’s voice?

    • Of course we do. The magic of the website literally makes it impossible not to.

  3. Sweet. I miss the days of game manuals. It was a fun read and often very well crafted in a way that these one-page sheets with controls printed on it that we get today just can’t measure against.

    Thanks guys. That looks really cool.