Backer Site Launched!


Hey folks,

We’re pleased to announce that our long-awaited backer site is finally going live starting from the moment this announcement goes out! If you’re a crowdfunding backer then this will be a truly auspicious day for you as this site will provide the services that will allow us to fulfill your rewards!

Invites to the backer site will be sent out in waves over the next week!

We’ll be sending staggered waves of invites to all our backers individually via email. Don’t worry if you’ve not received one yet as you’ll most certainly receive an invite in the course of the coming week. Upon receiving your invite you will be able to login to the site.

Once you have access you’ll be able to do the following (Depending on your tier):

  • View details regarding your reward tier
  • Update your personal details including shipping address
  • Enter data for digital rewards such as adding your name to a unit pool or the credits
  • Select options regarding physical rewards such as shirt design or size
  • Cast your vote on Flex Goals

Be sure to drop by as soon as you’ve got your invite. If you have any issues with the backer site please contact us via our help and support forum.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


  1. Mine sure is taking it’s time…

  2. Just got my invite! yippy!! Loads better than other kickstarters

    Do we get to vote on other flexs goals later?

  3. I want in! 🙁

  4. Payed at kickstarter and havent gotten an invite.

    • It clearly says “invites will be sent out in waves over the next week!”

  5. Just played a bit for the first time in a couple months.. Just wow. Keep up the great work, can’t wait till final release!

  6. Do people who backed through this website with PayPal (had no creditcard at the time of the kickstarter) count as crowdfunding backers?