Patch 2.0.5 Release Notes

War for the Overworld

v2.0.5: “Relentlessly Researched Ravines”

Release Notes

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

As promised in our previous post we are unleashing Patch 2.0.5 upon the world. This update comes with a number of tweaks and improvements to the game, chiefly a set of additional Unit VO for units which were previously overly quiet. As always we’ve also addressed a number of bugs which you have reported to us over the past few weeks and months, including a fix for a significant issue which affected GOG users on the installer version of the game.

We thank our fans for your patience as we address your reports, although WFTO is now in maintenance mode we still take your reports seriously and encourage you to report any issues you encounter to our Userecho support site. This will allow us to triage and subsequently address issues if we can.

Don’t forget that our first Community Spotlight since 2.0 released is on its way this week so keep your eyes peeled Underlord! We’ll be bringing you a selection of great maps to add to your ever growing collections.

Now onto the Release Notes!

  1. Graphics & Visual Changes
  2. Audio Changes
  3. Localisation & Community Translation
  4. UI & UX Improvements
  5. Miscellaneous Changes
  6. Bug Fixes


Graphics & Visual Changes

  • Founders theme Dungeon Core now has death VFX
  • Improved animation transitions on the Kasita Theme Core


Audio Changes

  • New Unit Voice-Over for the following units:
    • Necromancer – He can raise the dead with his new lines
    • Beastmaster – Finally found his voice
    • Oculus – But how?
  • Units which are based on a common template (I.e. Temple Guard and Templar) will now use VO and SFX from their template unit if they did not have specific VO and SFX previously


Localisation & Community Translation

  • New localisation batches completed and available for Community Translations including:
    • UI Text, mostly related to Map Editor 2.0 features
    • Minion Ability Tooltip Updates
    • Map Editor Tooltip Updates
    • Mutator Tooltip updates
  • Updated Localisation Notes available in Batches to assist translators
  • Copied existing translations for Spells, Potions, Rooms, Rituals, Defences, Constructs into their Magic Finder (Mighty Script) labels, as they are used in editing My Pet Dungeon waves.
  • Chinese now has consistent numbers & Latin Chars
  • Updates to Polish translation for intro cinematic
  • Revised polish subtitle timings for intro cinematic
  • Updated Japanese Font
  • Tweaks to Map Editor Artefacts panel tooltips (EN only)


UI & UX Improvements

  • Small improvements to Main Menu layout
  • Minor changes to the styling of version number on Main Menu


Miscellaneous Changes

  • Unit name pool adjustments
  • Renamed Fantastic -> Devilish in the Launcher, accessible by holding alt as the game loads
  • Dungeon Hearts April fools added to the Extras menu.


Bug Fixes

Crashes & Showstoppers

  • Updated UI Middleware which should fix a rare crash at launch & improve performance


  • Piggys should no longer become trapped in a panic state
  • Fixed some minor issues with the Evil Arcane worker


  • Blade Lotus’ area indicator now more accurately represents the Blade Lotus’ effective radius


  • Fixed allignment issues with the Founder’s theme Dungeon Core.

UI, Localisation & UX

  • Fixed an issue which would prevent the Skirmish menu from appearing under specific circumstances whilst playing the GOG version of the game deployed with GOG installers
  • Corrected an issue that caused display issues with euro characters under certain conditions
  • Audio buffer size for UI doubled to prevent skipping in UI videos
  • Warning when missing password when setting up a MP game now displays correctly
  • The tooltips for level and achievement progress now translate correctly

Levels & Campaigns

  • War for the Overworld – Level 5 – Empire area now correctly uses the “Dwarven” theme
  • Fixed issues where achievements were not correctly completing after loading a save game on certain Heart of Gold levels

Graphics & Visuals

  • Fixed a visual error with Permafrost tiles whilst using the Sanguine terrain theme
  • Permafrost now blends correctly with other tiles in the Snowy terrain theme


  • Fixed a number of null reference exceptions


– Brightrock Games Team

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