War for the Overworld joins the Wicked Ones Tabletop RPG

War for the Overworld joins the Wicked Ones Tabletop RPG


Darkest greetings Underlord,

Have you ever felt that there’s more to life than amassing your armies of darkness, plundering the towns of innocents, and slaughtering goodly heroes? No? Us neither. In fact, we are so driven by these desires we can’t help seeking out new ways to indulge them.

One such way we have discovered recently is the joyous evil of Wicked Ones, a new tabletop RPG that is currently on Kickstarter. Let’s see here, what do they say about themselves?


This sounds strangely familiar…

“Wicked Ones is a Forged in the Dark tabletop RPG where you play fantasy monsters raiding human lands, hoarding the gold they loot, and building a dungeon to protect it. Your notoriety lures increasingly greedy and powerful adventurers to your dungeon. Can you stave off the inevitable onslaught of heroism that your notoriety brings?”

Well, that sounds right up our tunnel doesn’t it, Underlord? It should, after all both War for the Overworld and our genre-mates have served as inspiration for this game. We like it so much that we have something truly special to reveal today.


Wicked Ones Come to Kairos

Those of us who dwell in the dark have to stick together. It is for this reason that we proudly declare a collaboration with the delightfully devilish designers of Wicked Ones, in which our dark world collides with their own.

We are joining Hands of Evil on special stretch goals for their Kickstarter, drawing forth elements from War for the Overworld for your gaming pleasure.

There’s quite a range of content up for grabs: from “True Monsters”, playable classes which put you in the shoes of one of your favourite minions from Kairos, to hero cards for the goodly forces of the Empire. It all culminates in a splatbook which will enable you to bring your games to Kairos, with special rules inspired by War for the Overworld.

If you ever wanted to roleplay as an Augre, crushing the hapless heroes of the Empire with your augmented hands, and then forging the battered remains of their armour into your very own skin – now’s your chance!

Familiar faces join the fray, just be glad they’re on your side

What are all the WFTO Stretch Goals you ask? Well get a load of this:

  • Augre “True Monster” – ¥1.7M [~$15,800 USD] – Unlock the ability to play as a War for the Overworld Augre, featuring special skills and abilities based upon the smith you all know and love. Crush your foes and augment yourself with the scraps of their destroyed battle armour!
  • Chunder “True Monster” – ¥2.3M [~$21.4K USD] – The Chunder joins the fight! This portly hammerhead will make short work of any heroic adventurer, with deadly headbutts and viciously viscous bowels.
  • Heroes of the Empire Cards – ¥2.1M, ¥2.5M, ¥2.9M [~$19.5K USD, ~$23.3K USD, $27K USD] –  What good is being a Monster if you can’t wail upon a goodly adventurer or two? Each of these goals will add another set of hero cards based upon Empire units from WFTO.
  • War for the Overworld Splatbook – ¥3.3M [~$30.7K USD] – The Big One! With this tome in your hands you’ll be able to create your very own adventures in the realm of Kairos! Featuring special rules, an Underlord mode, a sandbox map, faction details and much more, this will give your group the freedom to explore Kairos like never before!

As you can see there’s a whole slew of awesome WFTO content to grab. But how can you get all these fantastic prizes and more? Read on!


Support the Kickstarter

Wicked Ones already hit their Kickstarter goal of ¥1,080,000 [~$10,000 USD] and at the time of writing have raised ¥1,614,660 [~£15,000 USD], enough for two of their stretch goals with 13 days to go!

Each session of Wicked Ones will see you striking out into the world of heroes, one of these worlds could very well be Kairos!

But bringing the denizens of Kairos through the rift will prove challenging. The Augre will soon pass the precipice at ¥1.7M (~$15,800 US) but we’ll need your help to take us all the way to the Splatbook.

You can support Wicked Ones via their Kickstarter page. Pledging your support will net you a set of awesome rewards based upon your tier.


Tier 1 – The Game – ¥2,150 [~$20 USD]

This tier will net you the game and all unlocked stretch goals, excluding the Toolkit hero cards and Heroes of The Empire hero cards.

Tier 2 – The Game & The Toolkit – ¥4,300 [~$40 USD]

Grab this tier and you’ll not only get the game but also a set of Toolkit cards with which to manage those heroes who would dare enter your domain. At this tier you’ll get all stretch goals.

Tier 3 – The Game, Toolkit & WFTO – ¥5,000 [~$46.50 USD]

To support the cause we’ve offered a number of War for the Overworld Steam codes to Wicked Ones, adding this new tier to their campaign. If you’ve somehow yet to grab War for the Overworld then this is the perfect opportunity to do so, and get your hands on an awesome RPG at the same time!

  • Includes Rewards from Tier 1 & 2
  • Includes War for the Overworld – Base Game Steam Key

It should go without saying that all proceeds from this Kickstarter go to the Wicked Ones project, and that neither the WFTO reward tier nor stretch goals in any way generate revenue for Brightrock Games. We believe that the world deserves more variety of games in this style and we hope that our contributions will help their endeavour to succeed.

That covers everything Underlord. As a final reminder, you have 13 days to back the Wicked Ones Kickstarter and support the cause of evil. We believe that the quality of their work speaks for itself and will be a fine addition to any Underlord’s Archive.

Finally, we’ll be dropping our next community spotlight tomorrow, featuring a set of new community-made maps for WFTO. Keep an ear underground.

Support the Wicked Ones Kickstarter


– Brightrock Games Team

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