WFTO Wednesday #32: The Necromancer's New Clothes


The Necromancer’s New Clothes

Hey folks,

As your workers continue to ever-deepen your halls out into the unexplored, inky depths you sense a song, or chant that extends beyond this realm into the aether. So faint that it’s almost drowned out by the steady pick, pick, pick of your mining creatures. Beneath the muffling noise of your expanding empire you catch the sounds swirling from aether and back; you taste the stench of death mingled with the uncanny of life left… and rerisen. When your workers find the Crypt you already know what lies within its eerie, unholy light. You’ve found…


The Necromancer & His Ghouls

We talked about the Necromancer a long time ago, but some of us (and many of you) were a bit unhappy with the exact direction of the character so we took it back to the drawing board and stepped up our game. To revisit the Necromancer’s abilities and original concept check out WFTO Wednesday #16. Let us know how much better we did this time and you might get a present!*



Unit Spotlight: The Ghoul

When a creature dies it releases a burst of ephemeral energy — what the Church of Kira call the soul — the Necromancer cares not for the name or its symbolism, but rather the shackling and channeling of this energy into that which once lived. By binding the two together in the most blasphemous form of magic found in this realm he is able to bring the dead back to life… in a fashion.


The Ghoul has neither free will or thought, and is shackled exclusively to the dark power of he who made it rise. In battle it will show no fear, and it will fight until its very limbs are torn from its body and it expires… it seems that there is no energy left to harness upon this second death.


  • Soulbound (Passive): Ghouls are highly resistant to all magical damage, and cannot be picked up by the player.


We’ll have an update for you regarding the next patch in the near future. Thanks for being patient — the new systems we’ve added in are a bit more complex and, naturally, have a few more bugs to fix than previous updates.


*Presents only available to the undead


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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