WFTO Wednesday #30: *22.2


Hey folks,

As we gear up for pushing out our first major update, we’re excited to bring you a sneak peak of some new features and content.


Sneak Peek: Bedrock Beta v0.1.3 “Ability and the Beast”


Beast Pen: After months of research you have managed to open a gateway to the deadly bowels of an otherworldly realm, allowing the vicious beasts which roam the deep tunnels of this world to enter your domain.


Bafu: The wicked Bafu has smelled the succulent flesh of your micro-piglets and will enter your domain. Keep it well fed and it will assail any foes that enter your dungeon with its deadly spines.


Abilities: A rogue Cultist was found performing a ritual near your dungeon, the Augre who found him turned out to be an artist and created a work he titled “Cultist, Compressed on Wall.” As a result, your minions have remembered their potent abilities, rendering them much deadlier in battle.


Unit Spawning System: Other Underlords building dungeons in this realm have created some competition when it comes to attracting creatures, and as such they will now only enter your domain if you satisfy their needs — or eliminate all of your rivals.


New Maps: New Maps are being added and existing maps are being updated in order to showcase a new terrain feature….


Water: It’s wet. It’s coming from the roof. It seems Whaleshrooms scream rudely (directly into your mind) when it is nearby in large quantities. Turns out this realm is flush with the clear, odourless liquid and you’ve just now stumbled upon it.

Perhaps you should get out more…


Livestream Recap

The super-splendid Noontide (of no small fame) has crafted a wonderfully-wordy recap of last week’s livestream. Click here to read the transcript, or click here to watch a recording of the stream..

That’s it for this week, we’ll see you next week with some more goodies from the upcoming patch!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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