Development Diary #8: The Tech Demo & Kickstarter

WFTO Development Diary #8:
The Tech Demo & Kickstarter

Hey folks,

As mentioned a few weeks ago we have been preparing a demo for you guys to play around with – we had to make a few changes, but it’s finally ready. The most significant difference from what we announced is that this demo isn’t going to be playable in your browser – currently it will only run on Windows, but we are working to try and prepare an OS X build as well.

Kickstarter – What do you want to see?

Kickstarter is coming soon™, and we are in the process of finalizing our pledge reward levels and stretch goals. Now is your last chance to input ideas for rewards (or anything else Kickstarter-related), so post them here and we will be sure to read them!

We hope you enjoy the demo, thanks for sticking with us!

— WFTO Team