Development Diary #6: Good Things Come in Small Packages

WFTO Development Diary #6:
Good Things Come in Small Packages

…And on the eve of the sixth development diary newspost they sat… they sat and they pondered… and then they accidentally fell asleep. But while asleep they dreamed… and upon waking they realized: there was nothing more important in all of the Overworld (or beneath it) than the worker. Without the worker dirt would not crumble and stones would lay unturned; precious gold would fail to gleam in the flickering wick of a lantern or the oiled wood of a torch. As they thought upon this they bellowed and shouted a curse to the sky. As the earth shook and the skies cracked upon they shed a single tear at the thought of unclaimed wealth…

They took blood from the beast; they stripped the caustic flesh from the demon; they exorcised the unwavering soul of the World-Render*.

Lying back, exhausted, they waited for the clock to strike ten before pulling, with trembling hands, the cover from over their most vital creation as it rose to life. They had created:

The agile Blood Imp and the stalwart Dwarven Miner


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This is the single most important unit you will ever control. The Blood Imp with his spindly little pickaxe-wielding arms and the Dwarven Miner with his stumpy little legs. Each will work tirelessly to dig and fortify the walls of your dungeon. These two little creatures are also responsible for mining and returning gleaming piles of gold to your treasury. Bask in their glory and treat them well (slapping is of course recommended [to keep them in line]).


Our news posts will be somewhat shorter over the next month or so as we gear ourselves up for our Kickstarter campaign. Are you asking what this means for you? Well, it means you can spend the extra minutes we save you by making our news shorter to go out and mow the lawn for your Dad, or drive your Grandma to the yarn shop. If you are extremely dedicated you can massage your creepy Auntie’s feet, make some extra money, and eventually enjoy the various rewards we have in store for you.

Tech Demo

As a treat to you all we will soon be releasing a small tech demo of the game that you can play in your web browser. You can prepare for this momentous occasion by downloading the Unity Web Player. We recommend using Google Chrome to improve the player’s performance (and thus your enjoyment).

In the demo you will have the power to spawn Blood Imps, dig, and claim land to your hearts content. The demo will be available to play next Friday, which happens to be the new day that we will be posting our weekly news on (Thursday knows what it did, and until it apologizes we’ll have no truck with it).

Thank you all for your continued support and regular feedback! We’ll be back next Friday with another dose of news for you to gobble up. In case you didn’t catch that — we’re moving our news posts to Friday to make your week’s end more exciting.

— WFTO Team