Development Diary #5: The Cultist

WFTO Development Diary #5:
The Cultist

Happy Thursday everyone. The news that was slated for this week has been moved back a bit so we’ll be taking the whimsy down a notch or two and increase the drip on the IV that sedates you while we bang out a truly earth shattering post for next week. Don’t bother asking why the news was moved, but know that the reason it was is good. Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk briefly about the Cultist.

The Cultist
Gallery of various Cultist concepts, click to enlarge

The Cultist is a frail creature who has sacrificed physical strength for mystical power granted by steadfast devotion to a dark god. Placed toe to toe with almost any other creature they would find themselves soundly beaten – to the endless shame of their mysterious deity. When a young worker asked a Cultist why he was so thin and frail he responded: “When I worship, I need no food, no water, no sleep… I want for nothing that is not provided by prayer.

He then disembowelled the worker and offered him up as sacrifice with the quip: “My master asks for much more.

While they are not formidable fighters their spells have a way of increasing the pain of their foes and healing their allies – making them a strong supporting caster in an army of any composition. After enough training the Cultist may offer him or herself up in a ritual to become a Blood Mage, a zealot of fearsome strength who we shall discuss at a point in the near future.

Passive Traits

  • Devout: Working in a [room that is yet to be revealed!] allows the cultist to go without food, sleep, or pay.
  • Soulbreaker: The Cultist’s basic attacks deal additional damage equal to a portion of their target’s missing health.

Active Abilities

  • Wither: Slows an enemy unit and causes them to take increased damage from allies for a few seconds.
  • Regeneration: Heals a friendly unit over several seconds.
  • Dark Calling: Dramatically increases the combat capabilities of a friendly unit.
The Future

We mentioned next week was going to be awesome, and due to the delay we’re going to give you a little sneak peek:

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But that’s all you’re getting for now. Again, we apologize again for the shorter than average news post but assure you that next week and the following few Thursdays will make everyone agree that it was more than worth the wait.

– WftO Team

p.s. remember to never take candy from a Cultist, it has almost certainly been poisoned. Our writer may or may not have fallen for this trick yesterday and spent the majority of today hovering between life and death while attempting to write the news.