Development Diary #4 – Juggernaut Smash!

WFTO Development Diary #4:
Juggernaut Smash!

A long and busy week has passed since we last spoke. How have you been? Feel free to tell us in the comments section. In the spirit of asking questions that reveal pleasant and uplifting answers we’re going to try something new this week in addition to the regular ol’ news that, come brimstone or flood, shall be unleashed upon you every seven days. We’ll start with the news and get to our experiment afterwards.

This week we are all about the Juggernaut. We all have probably known a guy who reminds us of the Juggernaut in our life – big, oafish, owns a huge hammer and a full suit of armor that could crush a lesser man beneath its steely might (for those of you who got to this page while Googling Steely Dan I apologize). This man you may or may not have ever known probably only spoke in grunts followed by the occasional “I want to hit that” – but that was his charm… and he was really good at hitting things.

We knew a guy like that too, so much that we decided to toss him straight into the depths to do battle with our own fearsome host of dreadful creatures.

The Juggernaut


War for the Overworld: The Juggernaut

Behold: the fearsome Juggernaut. This giant of a man has the strength of ten… and just as many brain cells. The Juggernaut is a burly warrior shielded within a full suit of heavy armour. By himself he is the most resilient normal unit in the game and is able to withstand a prodigious amount of punishment before he is defeated. He specializes in the disruption of enemy attacks and mitigating damage by actively tanking on the front lines – however his own damage output is fairly low. Outside of battle he will gladly hit things with his hammer (his best [perhaps only] skill) in the Foundry.

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In battle he will charge (active) forward and taunt (passive) enemies that he strikes, giving allies precious time to attack with impunity. While on the front lines the Juggernaut can crash his hammer down upon the ground to release a shockwave (active) – slowing enemies for a few moments. If outnumbered he will brace(active) himself and stand defensively, reducing the effectiveness of enemy attacks at the cost of reduced movement speed. Due to his might, or perhaps due to the severe lack of firing neurons in that massive skull of his, he is able to withstand pain that would cripple a lesser creature, as such he is able to wade through lava for a short period of time – some call him hard boiled (passive). However if he spends too much time swimming in the lava (or absorbing one too many fire spells) he will become cooked (status) and will take extra damage from enemy attacks until the effect wears off

Now let’s try something new…

As we are always seeking ways to actively incorporate the community into the design process we are opening the floodgates, so to speak, and want to hear what units you want in the game. If we like you idea we will take what has been suggested and iterate upon it until it fits neatly into a little corner of War for the Overworld. We are currently seeking suggestions for the Empire (the “good” guys), specifically units.

Here’s the information we’d like for each unit:

  • Name
  • Highlight (1 liner of why this unit is cool/unique)
  • Bio / Synopsis
  • Associated Rooms (where they work or hang out)
  • Special Needs (if any)
  • Abilities (3 active abilities and at least 1 passive trait)

And here’s the format we’d like it in, using the Juggernaut as an example:

Please post all your ideas in the suggestion forum, thanks!

Thanks for checking in on us, we have some fiendish things in the works and hope you continue to stay tuned. The best possible way you can help this project is by sharing it with your friends, family, and coworkers, with enough support we shall certainly win this War… for the Overworld.

– WftO Team