Update #8: £60k, Juggernauts and Carpets

Hey folks,

Very brief update today detailing a few changes we’ve made to the playable showcase to celebrate us hitting the £60,000 milestone! Over the next few updates we are going to be adding some basic gameplay functionality to the showcase, the first of which you saw yesterday with the addition of the RTS camera and possessable workers.

The first addition for today’s update is a small Empire base with some patrolling Juggernauts — try not to get too close, they tend to be quite violent.

Secondly, we’ve updated the Archive with the results of the first Build-A-Room poll and filled the entire room with a rather comfortable carpet. The second Build-A-Room poll will be opening in the next few days and will allow you to vote on various styles of wall.

Click here to check out these changes now!

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team