Update #2: Clarifications, Additions and More!

Update #2: Clarifications, Additions and More!

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Hey folks,

Thank you all for your awesome support so far! If we could give you a hi-five or hug through the internet we would (but the technology just isn’t there yet).

How Flex Goals Work: There have been some questions and concerns regarding our Flex Goals. They’re an improvement upon Stretch Goals — instead of having an arbitrary order for additions to the game we’re implementing them dynamically based on your input. Flex Goals are extensions of the game and, as such, core gameplay of WFTO will not be affected by whichever goals are chosen.

Since examples make everything easier, let’s go through the process of Flex Goals: We hit £300,000 (woohoo!), that means that you guys get the full game + Richard Ridings as the Narrator in WFTO + a Flex Goals!

So which Flex Goals? Well, that’s up to you! Everyone who has backed the project can go to our backer-exclusive website after the campaign and navigate to the Flex Goal form, which is just a list of each Flex Goal. You get to vote on which Flex Goals are most important to you.

Sometime near the final release of the game in August we will look at the current votes. Let’s just say, to continue this example, that “The Adventures of Stumpy The Imp” comes out on top. So we begin to build it into the game! We will then continue on to develop the rest of the Flex Goals chosen by the community.

Additional Reward Tiers: We’re going to add digital-only versions of Tier 8 and Tier 9 based on your feedback, more details on these and other new tiers will come next week.

Reward Add-Ons: We’ve heard that you guys want to add additional copies to your pledge, so now you can!

  • Add £10 for each additional digital copy of the game
  • Add £15 for each additional digital copy of the game with the Bedrock Beta
  • Add £20 for each additional digital Kickstarter edition (includes Bedrock Beta)

We will be adding a way for you to add T-shirts and other goodies to your current pledge soon.

Meet the Team: We’ve heard your concerns regarding us not showing our faces or saying who we are. The reason we did not initially include this information on our page was that we didn’t believe it would add much to our pitch. Also, there was already an overwhelming amount of information filling up our Kickstarter page that we felt was more important than our names. We have since been told that we were wrong — as a result we will post a ‘Meet the Team’ update soon which will allow you to get to know the folks behind the game better.

Also, we have uploaded our Kickstarter video to Youtube, so head on over to our channel to watch it in glorious 1080p!

Thanks again for your feedback, questions, and support! We look forward to sharing our next update with you on Monday.

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team