Update #1: 31 Hours & £21,000

Update #1: 31 Hours & £21,000


Hey folks,

It’s been a crazy first day. You have helped us reach 14% of our goal in the first 30 hours! Pat yourselves on the back (or give a congratulatory slap to a fellow backer). Your overwhelmingly positive response so far has shown us how much the community wants WFTO to be released and we can’t thank you enough for your support.

Update Schedule: Starting tomorrow (December 1) we will be releasing updates every other day, these updates will cover a variety of fun an interesting revelations about our project so stay tuned!

In addition to updates released every other day we’ll continue to update the Playable Showcase as you unlock doors and characters in the Gallery. Next week we have a large announcement planned, which should whet your appetites (more than they have already been stimulated).

Contest: Next weekend we will be hosting a contest, make sure you are well rested because the reward is sure to make you jump in and compete against your fellow backers. Naturally, foul play will be encouraged. We’ll have a detailed update regarding the contest next Friday.

Backer Avatar: You asked for it and here it is:


We would like to clarify a few points for you based on your initial feedback:

  • Mac & Linux: We’re building WFTO in Unity 4, which supports Windows, Mac, and Linux out of the box. Our Playable Showcase is available for download for all three operating systems.
  • Languages: As an international team we have the added benefit of language support, right now we can confirm both Blood Imp and French text translations. We plan on adding support for additional languages and will let you know as they are confirmed. If you would like the game translated to support your native language please drop us a line on our forums.
  • Additional Copies of the Game: Many of you have asked for a way to add more copies of the game, we’ll be adding a few ways for you to get more copies in a future update that also includes add-ons to your reward tiers.
  • Digital Only Reward Tiers: Based on popular demand we are working creating some additional digital only reward tiers, you should see these at some point next week!in a future update based on your requests.

Thank you for your support and feedback! Continue to spread the word about WFTO and we’ll be on our way to Flex Goals in no time.


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Until next time Underlord,-WFTO Team