The EULA & You

The EULA & You

Darkest greetings Underlords,

A large part of bringing Patch 2.0 and The Under Games to you has been ensuring we’re improving and perfecting as many parts of the original release of War for the Overworld as possible.

One of those things, however, is not quite as exciting as a meat-filled terrain theme or brand-new Underlords to play as.

I am of course talking about the most interesting and widely-read type of document – an End User License Agreement (or EULA). We had our EULA written and published on our website at launch, and with the release of patch 2.0 we will be fully embedding it into the game – It is particularly pertinent to this upcoming update for two reasons:

1: User Generated Content

As we detailed today, we are significantly increasing the scope of what users can create with our tools. The EULA provides you, the players, with the ability to use those tools (as long as you don’t break the law!) and us, the developer, the ability to use the content you create (e.g. featuring it in a blog post, or patching it into the game as an official map).

2: Metrics

WFTO has always collected basic information on how players play the game, but we are significantly expanding the scope of this in 2.0 in order to better allow us to support the new AI and editor tools. The game will now tell us how much time players spend in each game mode, what Aspects they use, and other interesting things like that. Previously, the data we gathered focused entirely around collecting error logs.

To be clear: The data is 100% anonymised: there is no way for it to be tracked back to you, and the only real use it has is to allow us to make this game, and our future games, better for you.

On top of those two key things, the EULA also:

  • Provides blanket permission for you to use footage from WFTO in monetised videos and streams (as long as you don’t promote hate speech, which we think is rather reasonable).
  • Includes a few bits relating to third parties (such as Valve, GOG, and Unity).
  • Talks about our compliance with various laws – even Underlords have to obey those.

So what does this actually mean for you?

The first time you boot up WFTO after the 2.0 update, you will be asked to agree to the new EULA and our Privacy Policy.

And that’s it.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this change in the comments below (although it may take a couple of days to get back to you as we’re quite busy finalising the update!).


Josh Bishop

Managing Director, Brightrock Games