Community Spotlight – December 2018

Community Spotlight

December 2018

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Darkest Greetings Underlord,

Another year closes and as we here at Brightrock Games begin to shut up shop and prepare for our travels to see our families. But before we go we have one last duty to perform, to share with you another set of excellent levels direct from our community!

So put down your mince pies and stash away that port. There’s evil to be done and a whole new selection of awesome domains to conquer.

As always we’d like to remind all our fans that we include all sorts in our monthly spotlights. Anything creative such as levels made with our editor, campaigns, art, videos, sound, cosplay you name it we want to share it!

If you have something that you think might fit the bill then get in touch via Discord, Twitter or our Steam, GOG or Official Forums! You might just be chosen to receive the coveted Golden Worker skin!

For some creative content, this special and coveted Worker could be yours!

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Before we delve into the Spotlight we wanted to ask whether you’ve ever felt you needed more War for the Overworld in your life? The answer, as we all know, is of course yes!

Will you don a comfy Tri-blend shirt featuring your favorite minion?

We are currently running a sale on our official store which includes discounts on some excellent War for the Overworld merch! With 33% off all our incredibly comfy Tri-blend shirts and 20% off the awesome Necromancer poster you can finally. decorate your lair to your evil tastes.

This Necromancer Poster features unique art from our concept artist and is available in strictly limited quantities!

Drop by our store to check out the deals, we ship worldwide and will be ensuring all our physical products go out as soon as our team is back after January 14th. The sale will end on January 10th so grab them while they’re hot!

Now that the requisite Merch shilling is out of the way, lets dive into the Spotlight!

Community Spotlight

For our Spotlight this month we had to remember how many of you will be adding new games to your already heaving backlogs so our selection this month features a choice of interesting new ways to play the game, from the possession focussed “Squad Leader” campaign to the minigame filled “Kasitaware Inc. There’s something to be enjoyed between your latest holiday conquests.

Of course we have the usual selection of Deathmatch, King of the Underhill and Core Shards levels to expand your skirmish experience as well!

Here’s our full selection:

You can download all of our spotlighted content from the Steam Collection or via our website!


Deatmatch Levels

Anvil of Khorne (2 Player) by Stygian Emperor

Caverns of Sins (3 Player) by Ph4nToM

Bloody Islays (4 Player) by Cerber91us


King of the Underhill

Cliffs of Insanity (4 Player) by Ph4nToM


Core Shards

Cursed Triangles (3 Player) by Ph4nToM


My Pet Dungeon

Muster Your Defences by Calebloki



KasitaWare Inc. by A Very Festive Scarecrow


Custom Campaign

Squad Leader by Taktikus


Featured Creator

Knightly Knave


Congratulations to all the creators who have had their work featured today! We’ll be delivering your Golden Worker codes (provided you’ve not had one already!) in January! Keep checking the private forum attached to your featured work for your code. If you have any questions please get in touch with us directly!

That’s all we have for you this month and for 2018 Underlords! We look forward to seeing you once more in the new year and wish you all happy holidays! We can’t wait to share the awesome stuff in the pipeline for us here at Brightrock Games!

See you next year!


– Brightrock Games Team

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