Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.4 "Let There Be Light"

Patch Notes:

Bedrock Beta v0.1.4 “Let There Be Light”


Known issue: Some users are only seeing a black screen when starting up the game. Please see this thread for more information and potential solutions.

Other known issues can be found here

Please report any bugs you find here

New Unit: Skarg

The skittering Skarg will make your enemies think twice about entering an unlit hall; its venomous strikes will turn even the deadliest hero into dinner.

  • The Skarg is an aggressive melee unit
  • The Skarg will spawn once your dungeon contains a Beast Den

New Spell: Prophecy

Watch as enemies plot and scheme behind barred doors, and use your knowledge to thwart their well-planned ploys.

  • Prophecy will temporarily reveal an area of the map
  • Prophecy currently costs 700 mana, this is due to some bugs related to multiple casts of it existing at one time (try to avoid spamming it when you have infinite mana!)

New Room: Beast Den

The predators of the depths are now yours to entice, Underlord! The Beast Den will attract nightmare-inducing beasts who will gladly rip into the flesh of your foes.

  • Beast units (Bafu, Skarg) will now spawn through the Beast Den
  • Beast units must sleep in the Beast Den
  • You must build a 5 by 5 Beast Den in order for a Beast Gateway to spawn

New Map: Sandbox

  • A new Sandbox map has been added with a large open area and infinite gold/mana
  • The old Sandbox map has been renamed to Mudbox

New Map: My Little Dungeon

  • My Little Dungeon is a sandbox/defence map where you have the ability to spawn waves of enemies to attack your Dungeon
  • Tagging the gold pillars in the closed off area will cause various magical things to happen:
    • Top Left: Summons a roving band of Empire units that will assault your dungeon
    • Top Right: Summons a roving band of Underlord minions that will assault your dungeon
    • Bottom Left: Summons a roving band of Underlord beasts that will assault your dungeon
    • Bottom Right: Toggles infinite gold & mana on or off
  • Spawned enemies will drop gold for your workers to return to your Dungeon Core

Per-Room Lighting

  • Each room now has unique lighting and visual effects

Animations & VFX

  • Animations now work and play properly (for the most part!) on the following units:
    • Skarg
    • Bafu
    • Cultist
    • Juggernaut
    • Firebreather
    • Gnarling
  • Additionally, some units now have VFX attached to their abilities

Misc Changes & Features

  • If your Vaults are full, workers will now drop gold as it is mined, ready to be picked up when there is space for it
  • If a unit is knocked out, workers can now drag it back to its lair in order for it to rest and regain its vitality
  • Various new sound effects have been added
  • Pickaxe cursor updated
  • Cursor will now change colour depending on the current selection:
    • Purple for spells
    • Green for rooms
    • Blue for defences
    • Gold for selling
  • Player colours updated to be consistent across all maps
  • You will begin most maps with 10,000 gold
  • Slapped units will work & move faster for a short period

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Imps should no longer randomly stop working
  • Various memory leaks have plugged up


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