Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.3 "A Whole New Underworld"

Patch Notes:

Bedrock Beta v0.1.3 “A Whole New Underworld”

Known issue: Imps may randomly stop working. To rectify this, give them a slap to remind them who’s the boss.

New Maps

Entirely new maps filled with mystery, intrigue, and combat-ready enemies!

  • The Hunger Games: Explore the cavernous depths and build wooden bridges to engage your unsuspecting enemies and turn the waters red with their blood
  • (New) Sandbox: It seems an Underlord got into the Sandbox before you. Feel free to demolish what was built and start from scratch or sit back and watch your minions scuttle around your dungeon
  • Due to some map-related changes, we had to scrap the old maps

New Spell: Lightning

Use your new mastery of Lightning and turn enemy micropiglets into bacon bits! You can use it on enemies if you’re so inclined.

  • Lightning costs 100 mana
  • Lightning deals 100 damage
  • May or may not be used for the acquisition of smokey bacon

Unit Spawning

With so many dungeons to choose from your potential minions have grown picky and will not enter under your service unless you supply them with certain rooms.

  • Units should spawn based upon the rooms you have built
  • Some bugs may be present in this fix, you can file a bug report here


A very industrious worker spent the past few weeks cleaning out your ears; you should be able to hear sounds again.

  • Sound effects have been added (back) into the game

Visual Updates

We’ve brought ourselves closer to 2013 with various visual updates that are guaranteed to please the eye of any Underlord.

  • The Foundry has received a major facelift
  • New props have spawned in the Archive
  • Most props will now spawn with a random rotation
  • Normal maps have been added, making everything generally look better
  • New VFX for:
    • Gateways
    • Claiming tiles & rooms
    • Claiming walls
    • Digging
    • Dungeon Core
  • Lighting has been improved across all rooms and fortified walls
  • Animations will more regularly play properly
  • New shaders have been added which remove the ‘plastic’ look that some units and props used to have

Water & Bridges

We’ve discovered water in the Underworld!

  • Water reduces the movement speed of units passing over it
  • The Wooden Bridge is available to build at a cost of 100 gold per tile
  • Wooden Bridges can only be built adjacent to tiles you own (bridge tiles count as owned tiles)
  • Units prefer walking across bridges when they are available
  • Water shaders have been updated since the previously shown screenshot

New Unit: Bafu

King of unlit halls and dark caverns, the Bafu will skewer enemies with poisonous barbs to quickly turn the tide of any battle.

  • The Bafu is a swift, ranged flying unit
  • The Bafu currently spawns out of the Gateway (under normal circumstances it will spawn from the Beast Den)

Bug Fixes

  • Units should get stuck on props less often, however, they will now violently attack them instead (they are ‘working’!)
  • Rally should generally work better
  • Units should no longer randomly start flying
  • Slaughterpen props are now anchored to the ground and the black square beneath them has been removed


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