Patch 1.6.5 Release Notes

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

With the Chinese language release successfully completed, we’ve not stopped for a moment immediately moving to address any issues that have been reported to us. The release itself has been fantastic and we have to thank our community for the incredible reception and support we’ve seen.

We hope our continued support and the features, improvements and fixes below help to demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best experience possible and that we can repay all the dedication shown by our community over the many years of WFTOs life!

We also have great news for anyone affected by the startup loading issue where the loading bar would freeze, by working with our partners at we have identified the cause and have moved to fix the third-party DLL that was causing the issue. Hopefully this should now be resolved and you should be able to play the game. We’d love to receive feedback on this to confirm!

Read on for the full patch notes!

Gameplay Changes


  • It is now vastly easier to grab gold piles from vaults




  • Toned down the Cultist debuff stacking effect which previously allowed a stack of three cultists to one shot a level 10 unit



Blood Money

  • Gold Statues can now be claimed
    • On Neutral ground will remain with their previous owner
    • When the tile below them is claimed the statue will become owned by the new tile’s owner
    • Gold Statues can be dropped on allied tiles to transfer ownership

Audio Changes

  • New Audio setting “Unit Voice Volume” added, separating it from the primary SFX slider

Visual Changes

  • Units dropped into Tavern Spitroast now fall in and play and SFX while being mulched
  • The Dungeon Core in the menu scene plays now a pulsating VFX as intended
  • Made some improvements to the Foundry textures

Map Editor Changes

  • The “Paint Gold” tool in map editor now places gold piles on ground tiles, in addition to vaults or wall blocks
  • Vaults in map editor which have had gold added (via “Paint Gold”) no longer spawn loose gold piles when removed
  • “Paint Gold” can remove gold from vaults and tiles

Level Changes

My Pet Dungeon

  • The MPD Tutorial video now has Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish subtitles

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Several improvements to game text
  • Removed some walls in the Main menu to reduce clipping on camera transitions
  • Removed unnecessary logs which could eventually cause the game to slow down

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with a GOG Library causing an loading error which prevented some users from starting the game, becoming stuck on the loading screen


  • Fixed an issue where the Oculus slimy SFX continued playing even if it has been killed (until fully rotten) or transformed into a golden statue


  • Fixed an issue that made a loaded skirmish map incompletable when it was saved a split second before the win condition was met


  • Fixed an issue that made Garrison duplicate its buff on blocks in range each time it was reactivated
  • Fixed an issue where the Beast Den would never be upgraded if a non-upgraded Beast Den was removed before upgrading
  • Fixed and issue where the Garrisons active state ring would not show after saving and loading
  • Fixed an issue which would made prisons with a certain non rectangular diagonal layout (stair like) spawn rats into the map origin (location 0,0,0) rather than into the prison, after many months of listening to walls and yelling “They’re in the frakin ship!”


  • Fixed an issue where units would not be removed from minimap when not killed by a normal attack (eg. tortured)
  • Fixed an issue where dropped units never have shields again if “Always show” is selected for shields in the options menu
  • Fixed an issue which caused log spam when a flying unit was fleeing too low over chasm, probably causing the game to lag for a moment

Map Editor


  • Fixed map editor placed doors were logically closed but visually open when they were set to open and “Disable AI Control” was selected



  • Fixed an issue which made artefacts not disappear from the artefact panel after being used when they were already present in a save game


  • Fixed  an issue where the menu scene would not transition to the correct part of the menu dungeon, after the Load button was clicked



– Brightrock Games Team

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