Patch 1.6.1 Release Notes


Darkest greetings Underlord,

Alongside our release of the gentlemanly Cynical Imp charity skin and the much anticipated charity sale of previously exclusive Kickstarter Themes, we have pushed a small update which addresses a few minor issues, mostly visual.

Please take a few moments to read our announcement post regarding our partnership with GamesAid in order to support a good cause and help make lives better through the power of gaming!

Charity Skins & Themes

We have released a brand new Charity Worker Skin and enabled the ability to purchase previously exclusive Kickstarter Dungeon Themes with 100% of our proceeds being donated to charity. Find out more here.

  • Added support for The Cynical Imp & The Cynical Imp (Classic) Charity Worker Skins
  • Added support for charity versions of the Kickstarter and Founders Themes

Visual Improvements

  • Improved the transparency on some wall props in the Torture Chamber
  • Improved the animation transition for the Inhibitor
  • Implemented new Gnarling attack voice lines
  • Improved the lighting in the Main Menu scene
  • Improved team colouring on the Arcane and Evil Arcane themes
  • Improved highlighting on:
    • Korvek Core
    • Evil Arcane Core
    • Arcane Core
    • Dark Empire Core
    • Dwarven Core
    • Founders Core
    • Empire Core
    • Kasita Core
    • Kasita Silver Core
    • Kickstarter Core
    • Mira Core
    • Sovereign Core
    • Rhaskos Core
    • Perception Shrine
    • Overworld Gateway
    • Crucible Goldstone
    • Mana Shrine
    • Manufacturing Shrine
    • Research Shrine
    • Slaughterpen Pig Pen
    • Tavern Spit Roast Oven
    • Alchemy Lab Cauldron
    • Main Campaign level 13 Drawbridge Winch
    • Lord O’ Theland
    • Coleem Magnanimous
  • Improved the Korvek Core dead state
  • Improved the team colouring on Korvek’s theme
  • Improved the team colouring on the Sovereign theme
  • Improved Mira’s Core to make it more of a focal point
  • Improved the lava on the Foundry wall
  • Improved the team colour effect for the basic Worker
  • Improved the Colossus Forge smoke effect on Heart of Gold campaign level 3
  • Made improvements to some Arcane and Evil Arcane wall variants

Level Changes

War for the Overworld

Level 12

  • Minor dialogue improvements

Bug Fixes


  • Removed a broken script from the Shadow unit which would cause an error message in output logs with no other noticeable effects


  • Fixed an issue that caused caused Coleem Magnanimous’ unit shield to clip into his head
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a gap appearing between some walls in the Arcane theme
  • Fixed an issue that caused camera clipping when possessing the Arcane Worker
  • Fixed a visual issue on the Arcane and Evil Arcane theme Portcullis
  • Fixed some transparent models on the Empire Torture Chamber wall
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Evil Arcane Wooden Door to have its shield clip into itself
  • Fixed an issue that caused a small part of the Hero Garrison prop to be incorrectly transparent
  • Hine-Po will no longer display a broken texture file when converted in the Torture Chamber
  • Corrected an issue that caused preplaced Artefacts to clip through the floor
  • Corrected an issue that caused some clutter props to clip through the wall in the Hero Garrison


  • Prevented an issue on War for the Overworld Level 11 that was caused by a faulty voice line


  • Corrected an issue that prevented DLC Worker themes being loaded from a save game correctly



– Brightrock Games Team

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