Patch 2.0.7 Release Notes

War for the Overworld

v2.0.7: “Blatantly Braved Burrows”

Release Notes

Notes highlighted in Amber were added in Hotifx Patch 2.0.7f1 on June 3rd 2019


  1. Patch Highlights
  2. Gameplay / Balance changes
    1. Units
    2. Rooms
    3. Spells
    4. Constructs
  3. Map Editor
    1. Mighty Script New Features
    2. Mighty Script Improvements
    3. Mutators
  4. Level / Campaign Changes
  5. Visual Improvements
  6. Performance Optimisations
  7. Localisation & UI
  8. Micellaneous Improvements
  9. Bug Fixes

Patch Highlights

Japanese Language Support

We’re pleased to announce that in Patch 2.0.7 we are adding Japanese as an officially supported language. Our Japanese fanbase has constantly amazed us with their dedication and diligence in delivering practically complete translations for the last few years. This inspired us in our creation of the Community Translation tools and updates to make this process as easy as possible for all our fans and now we finally close the circle.

We’ve worked from the solid base provided by the Japanese Community and with our translation partner we’ve rebuilt the translation and added the bells and whistles necessary to make the whole thing official.

Thank you to all our Japanese fans who have supported the game thus far, we hope that this release meets the high standards you have set for us.

Oni Ashigaru Worker

Celebrating the official release of the Japanese Language support we’ve added a new Worker Skin to the game, the fearsome Oni Ashigaru Worker.

  • This worker is available for free to anyone who plays the game between today and the end of May 2019. After this date, he’ll return for free each year in April celebrating the Hanami festival. Simply login to unlock his associated achievement.


Gameplay / Balance Changes




  • Will now summon Revenants much more frequently
  • Lifesteal reduced from 200 to 150
  • Props required per attraction reduced from 2 to 1.5
  • Combat Health Regeneration reduced by 45%
  • Garrison prop occupation reduced from 2 to 1.5
Ember Demon
  • Base Health decreased from 1800 to 1500
  • Ember Spirit (Death Passive)
    • Damage reduced from 150 to 115
  • Firecracker (Area of Effect Ability)
    • Damage reduced from 75 to 35
  • Basic Attack
    • Damage increased from 75 to 85
  • Base Health increased from 1350 to 1650
  • Basic Attack
    • Damaged increased from 125 to 135
  • Base health increased from 1050 to 1200
  • Props required per attraction reduced from 2 to 1.5
  • No longer immune to status effects


Spirit Chamber
  • Units can no longer rebel whilst on the pedestal
Torture Chamber
  • Cost per tile decreased from 1000 to 800



  • Mana cost reduced from 100 to 75


Ember Rift
  • Mana lock increased from 60 to 70
Infernal Urn
  • Dramatically increased fire damage resistance



Map Editor


  • A new challenger approaches! Gregor Valench has returned to the Map Editor
  • Added a new physical switch and toggle to the defences tab; these perform no function on their own but can be hooked into Mighty Script to detect when they are toggled between states

Mighty Script New Features

Mighty Script Importing
  • It is now possible to export and import Mighty Script between levels; this can be accessed via the Debug Console and is a power user feature.
  • You can open the Debug Console with Scroll Lock
    • Command: CopyMightyScript [Filename] – will save the contents of Mighty Script on a level to an internal “Clipboard”. Filename is optional, entering this will try to save the Mighty Script to a file
    • Command: ImportMightyScript [Filename] – will load the contents of the internal “Clipboard”. Entering a filename will try to load a file by that name instead
      • Using this command will remove any existing Mighty Script in a level.
      • World References (Picked Objects etc.) will be very broken initially. Any invalid references will be removed but overlapping IDs can be used. This means if you were listening for a unit KO in one map, it could now be listening to an impenetrable rock.
New Actions
  • Ignore Mood and Basic Needs: Allows you to toggle Unit Mood and Need behaviours for individual factions
  • Modify Faction Alliance: Changes the alliance state between two factions

Mighty Script Improvements

 Updated Actions
  • Dialogue Box: It is now possible to edit the text presented in the options
  • Cast Spell: Now ignores standard casting checks and can force mouse location


  • Added a new mutator which prevents units from leaving the dungeon when their Underlord’s Core has died


Level / Campaign Changes

War for the Overworld

  • Banned some joke advisor lines from playing on early levels of the campaign to prevent confusion. No longer will new players wonder where the pizza oven is!



  • Mirrored artefacts correctly


Visual Improvements

  • The Wizard will now be visually corrupted when converted by an evil-themed Underlord in the Torture Chamber
  • The following units have received visual updates:
    • Succubus
    • Witch Doctor
    • Skarg
    • Templar
    • Beast Master
    • Huntress
    • Necromancer
  • Continuing our legacy of ensuring every April Fool’s makes it into the game, PS1 Mode is now available in texture resolution!
  • Minor improvements to the light projected around the Hand of Evil
  • Inhibitor’s lights have received visual updates
  • The Arcane dungeon theme now is affected by the player’s team colour
  • The Rhaskos dungeon theme shader has received an update

Performance Optimisations

  • Plugged a significant memory leak in the Material Manager when materials were changed dynamically
  • The Barracks is now rendered 10,000% more efficiently
  • Emberlings spawned by the Wizard and Ember Lord no longer have dynamic lighting enabled

Localisation & UI

  • Numbers displayed on the Unit Panel are now aligned to the bottom of the panel
  • Notifications will no longer be spammed when a unit is on the threshold between mood changes
  • Newsletter signup now contains an @ symbol by default to account for a rare scenario where users using a specific language keyboard on OS X cannot enter this character
  • Added some safeguards to prevent rare UI exceptions locking down the UI
  • Unit Shields for the Spirit have been adjusted to a better position
  • Several changes to Latin American Spanish translations

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Additional Help Lines have been added for the tabs on the main game UI
  • @ ‘ and ` on UK keyboards should now be detected as separate inputs
  • IP Address is now hidden on Multiplayer Lobbies – the host can mouseover their lobby name to see their IP Address
  • Added a number of localisation strings to Game Text for new and edited text
  • Added new tips on the loading screen
  • Updated Build orders for the following AI Personalities to account for balance changes:
    • Assassin
    • Gold Digger
    • Ravager
    • Steam Roller
    • Underlord
    • Undertaker
  • Added new build orders for the following AI Personalities
    • Ravager

Bug Fixes

Crashes & Gamebreakers

  • Fixed a crash that could rarely occur when loading a saved Map Editor level
  • Fixed a soft lock that would occur when attempting to restart Crucible


  • Beasts created via the Sacrifice ritual will now be correctly trained in the Arena by the Beastmaster
  • Flying units can now escape Chasms if for some reason they become stuck in them
  • Banshees and Empowered Banshees will no longer become trapped in Chasms if spawned nearby
  • Vampire summoned Spirits are no longer registered as Banshees in alerts
  • Vampire summoned Spirits are now called Bound Spirits and have their own description, to distinguish them from Restless Spirits
  • Wizard elementals can no longer be targeted by heals as intended


  • Units will no longer become resistant to Blood Money after a player manually destroys a golden statue of the same unit type
  • Fixed an issue where Gild could disappear from the player’s spells when loading a saved game
  • Shockwave can once again be cast on low ground rooms such as the Slaughterpen or Garrison
  • Rats which have been turned into Golden Statues will no longer be seen as food


  • Aureate Monoliths now correctly affect all targets within their intended radius when using their absorb gold ability
  • Bone Chiller VFX will not be disabled after using its active ability
  • Fixed an issue where a Midas Door built after a Midas door is destroyed would not correctly take gold from the vault instead of taking damage

Environment & Shrines

  • Gold generated by Artefacts of Plentiful Gold will no longer place gold under the floor when activated

Visual Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where units killed over Chasms would fall in very slowly
  • Gold placed in Quartz tiles will correctly inherit the terrain theme of the level
  • Fixed an issue where defence parts and artefacts would be partially submerged in the ground
  • Fixed a small visual imperfection in the Well of Souls defence
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the lightning bolt from rendering in the Lightning spell
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Augrum Wall defence
  • Infernal Urn death VFX is correctly rendered once more
  • Fixed an issue where Huntress visuals were not correctly cleared between unit spawns
  • Fixed an issue where gold tiles would not become correctly highlighted when tagged

AI Fixes

  • Underlord AIs will no longer attempt to use Uprising if they lack Crypts or souls
  • Fixed an issue where units could become disabled if loading a save game where they were in the process of being revived from KO state

Map Editor – General

  • Fixed an issue where Overworld Gateways did not correctly save their configurable options settings
  • Fixed an issue where the Empire would not correctly be assigned the themes selected in faction settings
  • Fixed an issue where importing a map would sometimes drop a number of important aspects such as scripts
  • Fixed an issue where Victory Debrief was not showing on the summary screen
  • Disable Player Theme Selection should now correctly work in custom campaigns
  • Impenetrable terrain on the map edge will no longer be affected by the fill command

Map Editor – Mighty Script

  • Printing a random number via an in-game message no longer displays as “Null”
  • Fixed an issue where a unit affected by a unit scaling modifier would appear with a larger size than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Magic Finder would not correctly highlight Inhibitors, Gateways and Shrines which were defined in the trigger
  • Summon Worker will now correctly appear in the Magic Finder list for spells
  • Fixed an issue where the Set Fog of War Revealer action would cause a level to become unloadable
  • Fixed a number of problems with the Give or Deduct Gold and Give or Deduct Sins actions
  • Fixed an issue where prop KOs would be detected again upon loading a save game, causing Mighty Script to fire off triggers for props which were KOd prior to the save game
  • Fixed a number of issues where Mighty Script behaviour would not survive when loading a save game
  • Fixed a rare issue where certain custom levels could prevent Veins of Evil aspects from unlocking correctly
  • Lord of the Land voice lines triggered by Mighty Script should now play correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the “On Gold” Mighty Script trigger would not start if the “cumulative” parameter was enabled
  • Fixed an issue where playing a Mighty Script enabled level, quitting out and then playing a standard campaign level could cause strange issues in the level scripting


  • Storm Vortex ambience no longer persists after death
  • Fixed an issue where the Thunderling’s SFX would be caught on permanent loop
  • Witch Doctors will now correctly play their death SFX


  • Crucible score will no longer become a negative number after 2.4 billion points are obtained

Levels / Campaigns

  • War for the Overworld – Level 4
    • Marcus will no longer recall his minions on loop when they enter the Tavern
  • War for the Overworld – Level 5
    • It is no longer possible to cancel Shifting Bond, avoiding a number of issues caused by this. Obey our level order!
  • Heart of Gold – Level 1
    • Fixed a rare issue where the level script could halt under certain conditions
  • Heart of Gold – Level 3
    • Colossus Forge no longer uses incorrect tooltips
  • Heart of Gold – Level 4
    • Coleem will no longer sink into the floor when killed on this level
    • Inhibitors on this level will no longer be floating slightly above the ground
    • Fixed an issue where killing Coleem on this level would not correctly award the Nature’s Call achievement
    • Prisoners in the Phaestian prisons are now correctly neutrally aligned
  • Crucible
    • Achievements should now always award as intended


  • Fixed an issue where the Summon Worker spell did not display correctly for clients in Multiplayer
  • Banshee VFX should now correctly display for the client
  • Infernal Urn VFX should now correctly display for the client
  • Chat should now display correctly on OS X
  • Clients using Possession Mode will now have their orientation correctly reported when they attack
  • Units raising Ghouls in the Crypt should no longer be heard by all players in a match


  • Fixed an issue where video subtitles did not display correctly
  • Fixed an issue where community translations would not apply correctly in the Campaign Editor
  • Fixed an issue where not all localised languages were detected on launch


  • Storm Vortex and Core Doors now display the correct mode toggle tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where Crucible progress on the Main Menu would not be correctly updated
  • Mutator preset selection in the save preset menu will now be correctly highlighted
  • Fixed a missing icon for “Visual Effects” in the Magic Finder Map Editor tool
  • Arcane Templars are now identified as such in alerts and tooltips
  • Reimplemented a missing tooltip for Vampires drinking blood
  • Fixed clipping on the Crucible end screen
  • Using the Vampire’s Bound Spirit ability (formerly Restless Spirit) in Possession Mode should no longer cause the Vampire to become frozen in place
  • Postal Worker icon should now correctly show in the Map Editor
  • Corrected a missing tooltip from the “Finish Level” action in Mighty Script
  • Some improvements to consistency of Mighty Script tooltips



– Brightrock Games Team

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