Patch 1.6.3 Release Notes

Darkest greetings Underlord,

We’ve just unleashed another patch for War for the Overworld upon the unsuspecting citizens of Kairos. Within you’ll find a bundle of new maps for Skirmish and Multiplayer, constructed by our incredible volunteer QA team, as well as a number of stability improvements for Multiplayer and a few bug fixes.

We’ve also prepping a short statement on our future plans, and an explanation of some changes to our Steam Store, which we’ll be uploading if not tonight then tomorrow!


Patch 1.6.3

Seven New Skirmish Maps!

Loose Ground – 1v1 – by Biervampir

Keeping your footing here is the least of your worries – what with artefacts just waiting to be seized.


Eutharia’s Realm – 1v1 – by Fireeye

Underlord Eutharia dwelt here in eons gone by. Would you and your opponent care to poke through her carcass?


Sub-Zero – 1v1 – by nutter666

Within the freezing depths of this tundra, you’ll find all you need to dig in and build a well-fortified dungeon. But your rival is not the only thing that stirs beneath the ice.


Blood Hazard – 1v1v1 – by Biervampir

A particularly potent Underlord met their end here. Will it be you, or your enemies, that donate to the pool of blood?


Borehole – 3P FFA – by Biervampir

A newly-discovered realm which is unfortunately short on gold. It stands poised for an epic showdown of Underlord frugality.


Populace – FFA or 2v2 – by Green.Sliche

Peopled by you and your fellow Underlords, this realm is a pressure cooker of gold and ambition. But only one can rule. Prepare for a battle of biblical proportions.


Stardust – FFA or 2v2 – by Green.Sliche

Deep in the Aether, where gold twinkles like stars and chasms gape like black holes, four Underlords try to avoid oblivion.

Gameplay Changes


  • Assembly ritual now completes all defences in one cast, with the exception of the Sentinel and Stone Knight, which only take 5 Defence Parts per cast

AI Improvements

  • Improvements to targeting checks mean that units should now respond to attacks more reliable

Performance Improvements

  • Drastically improved main menu performance
  • Improved the FPS in pre-rendered cutscenes


  • General improvements to multiplayer stability

Visual Improvements

  • Removed gap in Hero and Hero Crypt Chasm border

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Cian Noonan, our QA Analyst, is finally credited in the game’s credits! Yay for him
  • War for the Overworld Level 5 speedrun achievement is now set to 23 minutes

Bug Fixes

  • The Possession camera should no longer become locked and broken if a Spirit Worker expires while being possessed
  • Doors will now correctly display their locked state in Multiplayer

Compiled 1.6.3 Hotfixes


  • Playing the game with the official Russian translation will no longer crash the Crucible



  • The Eternal now correctly absorbs 90% of damage done to the owner’s Dungeon Core
  • The Eternal now correctly resists 50% damage, down from an unintended 75%



  • Fixed a few broken elements from when we made under-the-hood changes to Multiplayer – fixes Blood Money, and potentially the torture workflow
  • Clients in Multiplayer should once again be able to toggle defence states



  • War for the Overworld Level 5’s Shifting Bond ritual now goes slower over time, rather than being suspended for a fixed period and then going at a fast pace (attempt #5894 to fix this rare issue)
  • Fixed incorrect rotation on the Siege Doors in War for the Overworld Level 13
  • Increased the height of the Emperor’s throne in War for the Overworld Level 13; now he can sit up straight and see the throne room once more
  • Fixed an issue where the Emperor’s throne would disappear after loading a save of War for the Overworld Level 13
  • Fixed a critical issue where the Drawbridge on War for the Overworld Level 13 would become impassable following a save and load in which it was lowered




  • Prevented duplicate VFX on Research Shrine
  • Prevented the Empire Arcane Core from having a brown Underlordy base
  • Fixed a material on the Bafu projectile that became corrupt in a build
  • Fixed a broken defuse on the Behemoth, which would cause him to pop out of existence instead of fading upon death
  • Fixed a missing material in the Chasm on War for the Overworld Level 3
  • Evil Arcane theme Possession Door is now correctly team coloured



  • Improved sound disable on prop death to be more robust



  • The Disable Payday mutator will now correctly disable Payday when checked



  • Additional minor performance improvements which can yield up to 15% increased FPS in extremely late games, and minor improvements throughout earlier stages



  • Fixed “corpses” typo on Crypt info panel
  • Corrected an issue that could cause offline saves on GOG versions to become unloadable
  • Fixed My Pet Dungeon level name ordering for IT, ES, PL, and RU languages
  • Improvements to the GOG Leaderboards for Crucible; should now display more consistently
  • Small typo correction in the overwrite message for save games
  • Fixed an issue where Skirmish achievements would not be awarded if the name of the opponent AI was translated
  • Fixed missing non-English versions of a narrator line on War for the Overworld Level 6
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent the Steven Fright achievement from being awarded
  • The achievement for defeating Kasita on Master difficulty has been correctly renamed in-game to “Yanis Varoufakis”, to match the achievement list
  • Fixed a typo in the Wither ability description for the Cultist
  • Removed a broken miscellaneous line from Mendechaus
  • Fixed a typo in certain abilities on the Firebreather and Behemoth



– Brightrock Games Team

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