Meet Underlord Lamash – The Rotting Reaper


Darkest greetings Underlord,

Soon The Under Games will commence and there is one final challenger who has yet to make their debut. Although Lamash may be last she is certainly not least! As master of death itself she has quite the unique set of talents to bring to bear. This is best summarised by the dead waker herself:

Underlord Lamash – The Rotting Reaper

Lamash was resurrected from limbo by Mendechaus to serve in his armada. She was once a powerful sorceress who was recruited as Underlord Shale’s understudy. But Lamash was more interested in dark magic than lobbing random ingredients into a cauldron – and so she was right to be, because it was an unfortunate combination of ingredients (Rat teeth, Augre bogeys and Chunder vomit) that one day exploded in her face and killed her. So now she’s an Underlord, out to win The Under Games, and out to get revenge.


Lady of the Dead

Lamash sees that the path to victory is paved with the dead, and the only care she has for the living is as fodder for her Crypts and Necromancers. Her undisputed mastery of the dead originates primarily from her trait Undead Horde.

With this trait Lamash is able to raise incredible numbers of undead very quickly – with just a few corpses she’ll soon have a vast force of shuffling skeletons at her disposal, with her Necromancers easily shepherding up to twenty Ghouls each. And that’s before we even get to the readily-attracted Shamblers and Restless Spirits.

It’s close to midnight, something evil’s lurking from the dark


Banshee Barrage

Lamash has unlocked ancient necromantic secrets which have long lain dormant, and through these deploys yet unseen horrors from the realm of death. Brewed into the unholy Reincarnation potion, the forces within this vial will raise a small legion of volatile Banshees when they are splashed onto fresh corpses.


These floating abominations are deadly in their volatility, being literal living bombs which will make their way towards the nearest enemy-held objective, whether that is a Dungeon Core, Core Shard or Underhill. Upon reaching an obstacle they will explode, to create a clear path towards their target ready for the rest of the slithering masses to come through.

These unliving torpedos are also regularly spawned from the new Nether Shrine, which Lamash will certainly be trying to seize with her decaying Hand of Evil as soon as she can.

Summon Banshees from the nether regions! Wait, wut?!

If she wasn’t already bad enough, Lamash’s command over dark magics allows her to use her mana directly to spawn Empowered Banshees. The behaviour of these terrors is the same, but they are much more powerful and cause even greater destruction to whatever lies in their path.


The Cost of Living

Lamash cares little for the living denizens of her dungeon, and it’s safe to say that there is no love lost there. In fact, since she often uses these beings as fodder or resources to produce more dead, it’s become increasingly difficult for her to attract living units at all.

As a result of her trait Hazard Pay, the wages of all living units are tripled in cost – if they’re going to die for her, they want to live a little before they snuff it. This means she can only keep a small and compact dungeon of live units, while sacrificing others to the various “recycling” mechanics at her disposal.

As with Shale and Volta her Veins of Evil are modified and trimmed to focus on her playstyle, though Lamash has a versatile selection with plenty of core rituals and potions available.

So as we leave Lamash to enact mass slaughter and raise an army of the dead, we now look towards Friday and the beginning of The Under Games! Volta, Shale, Lamash, and the rest of the Underlords are ready and waiting. Are you?



– Brightrock Games Team

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