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April 3rd, 2017

PC / Mac / Linux


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My Pet Dungeon is an 8-level sandbox campaign in War for the Overworld, narrated by the rambunctious Richard Ridings. It offers a much more relaxed pacing compared to the game's other modes, letting players explore and build their idyllic dungeons, with new snowy terrain to boot. Progress involves simply achieving a target score through dungeon management, defeating optional enemies, and completing bonus objectives. The Toybox room offers an endless supply of enemy units which the player can experiment with, grabbing them and dropping them anywhere in the levels. The player can also spawn waves of enemies to put their dungeons through their paces. Completing My Pet Dungeon unlocks God Mode, giving players the power to reshape the levels as they wish and spawn units from thin air - all whilst playing the game. Although a paid expansion, the first two levels of My Pet Dungeon are available for free, so players can try before they buy. The expansion released on April 3rd, 2017 alongside Patch 1.6, during the game's second anniversary celebrations.


Following the Crucible release, Brightrock had intended to develop another expansion in the style of Heart of Gold; but due to the success of Crucible and its accompanying Patch 1.5, they decided to add the fan-favourite My Pet Dungeon mode first, before moving onto the final expansion. This also made sense, since one of the criticisms often levelled at WFTO is that it is too fast-paced; My Pet Dungeon mode is the perfect remedy, with its much more chilled-out dungeon management experience.


  • New My Pet Dungeon sandbox-style campaign narrated as ever by your despicable mentor, Mendechaus (Richard Ridings)
  • Eight all-new levels focussed on exploration, discovery and dungeon building (2 levels available for free)
  • Grab enemies and drop them anywhere in your dungeon via the new Toybox room
  • Spawn waves of enemy units to put your dungeon through its paces
  • Unlock the long-awaited Empire Dungeon Themes, newly refined to work as playable themes
  • Discover new snowy terrain as your minions crunch through frozen underground caverns
  • Realise your omnipotence with God Mode, as you reshape the levels and spawn units from thin air - all in real time


My Pet Dungeon Expansion - Release Trailer YouTube


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Lava Chasm.png
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Selected Articles

  • "The company has grown up, and War for the Overworld has repaired its reputation on Steam. At the time of publication, 85 per cent of recent Steam user reviews are positive."
    - Wesley Yin-Poole, Eurogamer
  • "If you've dismissed it at launch, it may be time to don your adventurer cap and take another look."
    - Melody, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Brightrock Games haven't stopped supporting the game ... In fact, they rolled up their sleeves, listened to feedback, and polished those old dungeons to a shine."
    - Thomas Faust, IndieGames.com
  • "There's plenty of opportunities to revel in your evil acts and enjoy the more sadistic aspects of being an evil overlord trying to overthrow the kingdom full of good guys."
    - Robert N. Adams, TechRaptor

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About Brightrock Games

Brightrock Games is a British independent game studio based in Brighton, UK, with a multinational core team of 15 people. Initially a small gathering of modders, enthusiasts and - most of all - gamers, the group first rallied under the banner of Subterranean Games, setting their sights o reviving a genre that AAA publishers had long neglected. United in a shared passion for the oft-overlooked dungeon management genre, Subterranean Games released War for the Overworld on PC, Mac and Linux in April 2015. With this critically acclaimed and successful game under their belt, the company name was updated to Brightrock Games to better reflect the team’s broadening horizons. Brightrock Games’ goal is to create genre-twisting strategy management games that tell engaging stories and push the medium forwards.

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My Pet Dungeon Credits

Josh Bishop - UK
Managing Director, Designer

Pierre-Arnaud (Nano) Boucher - France
Director, Programmer

Scott Richmond - Australia
Director, Producer, Programmer

Dan Atkins - UK
Audio Lead

Andrew Bushkov - Russia
Hard Surface Modeler

Dante de Glanvill - New Zealand
Acoustic Wizard

Garrett Faith - USA
Texture Artist

Stefan Furcht - Germany

Hugo González Rueda - Spain
Concept Artist

Pat Hore - UK
Art Director

Ciro Mihanovic - Croatia

Lee Moon - UK
Community Manager

Cian Noonan - UK
QA Analyst

Tim White - UK

Jack Wong - Hong Kong
VFX Artist

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