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December 13th, 2016

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Patch 1.5: Trial by Fire and the Crucible mode expansion add significant new features to War for the Overworld, including the long-awaited overhaul of the Survival Prototype. Now players can challenge the evil mentor Mendechaus (Richard Ridings) in Crucible mode as he summons wave after wave of his abominable creations. The patch also delivers Gameplay Mutators, allowing players to tweak the settings of matches for increased customisation and longevity, and official community translation support so players can bring the game to territories not covered by the official releases. The update is free to all players.


Crucible began life as the Survival Prototype, created to demo the game at EGX Rezzed in 2014, with players facing waves of enemies that culminated in Porkzilla's "Aporkalypse". It proved hugely popular, with players returning again and again to try and top the scoreboard and win a coveted WFTO shirt. Then in February 2015, Kickstarter backers voted for an expanded version of the survival mode as part of the team's "Flex Goals". Plans were drawn up, and once the team had consolidated the core WFTO experience, the new survival mode was born. Crucible mode released alongside the highly-anticipated Patch 1.5 on December 13th, 2016.


  • Six all-new levels designed exclusively for Crucible mode, which will push your skills to the brink
  • Two unique challenges, varying from the scalding to the incinerating
  • Leaderboards for each map and challenge combination, so you can see who of all the Underlords is the most long-lived
  • Three powerful Lifeline abilities, should you enter into dire straits
  • Three prestigious new Worker skins to unlock should you survive long enough
  • Dozens of new units and variants including the Democorn, Mandalf the Maroon, and the Chunder King himself, Baron von Pukemuch
  • Scores of deliciously depraved new voiceover lines from the exceptional Richard Ridings as Mendechaus, your enigmatic mentor and bloodthirsty invigilator


Crucible Expansion - Release Trailer YouTube


Gauntlet 2.png
War For The Overworld 03_12_2016 21_49_34.png
War For The Overworld 09_12_2016 17_14_28.png
War For The Overworld 08_12_2016 17_58_53.png
War For The Overworld 02_12_2016 18_30_40.png
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Selected Articles

  • "The company has grown up, and War for the Overworld has repaired its reputation on Steam. At the time of publication, 85 per cent of recent Steam user reviews are positive."
    - Wesley Yin-Poole, Eurogamer
  • "If you've dismissed it at launch, it may be time to don your adventurer cap and take another look."
    - Melody, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Brightrock Games haven't stopped supporting the game ... In fact, they rolled up their sleeves, listened to feedback, and polished those old dungeons to a shine."
    - Thomas Faust, IndieGames.com
  • "There's plenty of opportunities to revel in your evil acts and enjoy the more sadistic aspects of being an evil overlord trying to overthrow the kingdom full of good guys."
    - Robert N. Adams, TechRaptor

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About Brightrock Games

Brightrock Games is a British independent game studio based in Brighton, UK, with a multinational core team of 15 people. Initially a small gathering of modders, enthusiasts and - most of all - gamers, the group first rallied under the banner of Subterranean Games, setting their sights o reviving a genre that AAA publishers had long neglected. United in a shared passion for the oft-overlooked dungeon management genre, Subterranean Games released War for the Overworld on PC, Mac and Linux in April 2015. With this critically acclaimed and successful game under their belt, the company name was updated to Brightrock Games to better reflect the team’s broadening horizons. Brightrock Games’ goal is to create genre-twisting strategy management games that tell engaging stories and push the medium forwards.

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Crucible Credits

Josh Bishop - UK
Managing Director, Designer

Pierre-Arnaud (Nano) Boucher - France
Director, Programmer

Scott Richmond - Australia
Director, Producer, Programmer

Dan Atkins - UK
Audio Lead

Andrew Bushkov - Russia
Hard Surface Modeler

Dante de Glanvill - New Zealand
Acoustic Wizard

Garrett Faith - USA
Texture Artist

Stefan Furcht - Germany

Hugo González Rueda - Spain
Concept Artist

Pat Hore - UK
Art Director

Ciro Mihanovic - Croatia

Lee Moon - UK
Community Manager

Tim White - UK

Jack Wong - Hong Kong
VFX Artist

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